CKR Interactive Launches Division Devoted to EVP and Employer Brand Consulting

International recruitment marketing agency CKR Interactive has launched Peer Group US, an employer brand consultancy specializing in Employer Value Proposition (EVP) development and custom primary research projects aimed at improving an organization’s communications with current and prospective employees.

“We’ve provided this expertise and consultation through CKR Interactive since the agency’s founding more than a decade ago,” notes President & CEO Curtis Rogers. “But today’s environment demands a more structured approach to solving communications challenges through custom research. This is the motivation for Peer Group US.”

Peer Group US leverages advanced research techniques and methodologies designed to guide organizations in effective workforce communications throughout the entire employment experience. The new division’s researchers conduct a broad range of activities, including online surveys, competitive analyses, focus groups and in-depth interviews, to solve complex internal and external communications challenges.

CKR Interactive selected Kendra Van Nostran, the agency’s longtime director of account research, to serve as the director of Peer Group US. As she observes, “Now is the ideal time for organizations to invest in a greater understanding of their value proposition and employee engagement levels. Voluntary turnover is on the rise and many employers are actually struggling to attract the talent they need. Given this, it’s crucial for organizations to take a step back and assess the effectiveness of their employee and candidate communications.”

With more than 15 years of experience – plus Creative Excellence Awards for both primary and secondary research studies – Van Nostran will oversee project planning and program management for Peer Group US clients.

Peer Group US is also affiliated with Peer Group Communications in the United Kingdom, and the two firms will partner to provide solutions to companies with global communications needs.

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About Peer Group US
Peer Group US is a division of global recruitment marketing agency CKR Interactive that helps employers solve their most challenging workforce communication issues through custom research and consultation. Located in the Bay Area, Peer Group US leverages its expertise across custom primary research, employer brand consulting and Employer Value Proposition (EVP) program development to guide clients across all industries in their efforts to improve communications with current and prospective employees. In addition, global client needs are met by the research division’s affiliation with Peer Group in the United Kingdom.

About CKR Interactive
Founded in 2001, CKR Interactive is a global recruitment marketing agency delivering comprehensive services to today’s employers. Focusing on interactive solutions, the firm’s areas of expertise also include research and planning, creative development and marketing communications. U.S. offices are based throughout California, New York, Ohio and Florida. The award-winning agency’s growing list of clients represents a range of industries, including healthcare, biotech, information technology, government, energy, finance/banking and hospitality.