CKR Interactive Plays Cupid This Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day. A day filled with roses, chocolates and of course — love. Finding the right connection can be a long, frustrating road, not just for singles looking for “the one” but for employers seeking the perfect fit for their job opportunities. Fortunately, recruitment marketing agencies like CKR Interactive can help these employers play cupid and target the top talent they need. Similar to dating sites like and eHarmony, CKR Interactive is in the business of match-making, just from a different angle — bringing the best employers and talent together.

In order to work, a successful work match, like love, must offer compatibility. So finding the right fit is very important.

Skye Callan, CKR Interactive’s Marketing Director shares, “Finding the right person for the job is not as easy as one might think. It is like finding love; you need to get to know where to look to find candidates with the right personalities and skill sets that match your hiring needs. Both parties need to be happy, understanding and put themselves out on the line.”

CKR Interactive has been providing recruitment advertising and marketing solutions to clients around the world for nearly a decade. During this time, they’ve put together this comprehensive list of the top five reasons why recruitment and hiring is similar to dating:

1. The Profile — When researching prospective dates or employees, you want to see a well branded online profile. An appealing biography will get you far in both worlds. Profiles provide an excellent resource to both daters and job seekers to show why they are the right fit.

2. The Interest — When someone sparks your interest, you contact them to see if they reciprocate the feeling for you, or in the prospective employee’s case, your company.

3. The Call — If both parties are interested, a phone conversation gauges the next step. If everything goes well, you arrange a “date.” Phone etiquette is important for both the dater and the job seeker. Missing a call, asking if they can call you back or putting you on hold several times throughout the call aren’t going to win them any points.

4. The Date — This will be the first time you meet one another in person. This acts as the initial interview to get to know each other more thoroughly. You may need a couple more “dates” to really get to know the person to ensure you make the right choice. Many people date around; employers have multiple interviews to narrow down the choices (and job seekers may line up multiple interviews, although it would benefit both the employer and job seeker to not brag about the other prospects). Both employers and daters may spend tons of money and time in attempts to attract the right match — fortunately employers can utilize recruitment marketing agencies to help them measure where they’ll get the best ROI.

5. The Marriage — Finally, you find the person you like. Soon, that relationship blossoms into “love” and a union is formed, or shall we say the contract is signed. Your new employee will hopefully be a great resource for future referrals and hires… but we don’t recommend daters to attempt to emulate this.

Finding the perfect match may be difficult at times, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. There are plenty of fish in the sea, so get online and put your company out there. Visit CKR Interactive’s site to see how we can play cupid and help you enhance your recruitment efforts –

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Skye Callan
Interactive Marketing Director
CKR Interactive
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