Connect the Dots Consulting Redefines the Coaching Experience with Release of On-Target® Leadership Coaching Product

Columbus, Ohio / February 9, 2011—Connect the Dots Consulting announced the release of On-Target®, a leadership coaching package that provides a streamlined experience for organizations to use with executive management and high-potential talent. 

The coaching product is designed to accelerate the success of new leaders and positively impact their organizations’ business performance. Leaders, their managers, HR partners and other key stakeholders are all involved in the On-Target process. 

“There are many coaching options in the marketplace today. Unfortunately, most options lack structure and organizational involvement,” says Brenda Hampel, partner at Connect the Dots Consulting. “Without those aspects, the coaching results are many times very subjective, and ROI is sketchy. On-Target delivers ROI and clear results through our uniquely defined process.”

On-Target identifies the real potential of a leader and provides a clear path to improved performance. The expertise and objectivity of external Connect the Dots professionals coupled with the insider view of stakeholders, provides a multi-tier involvement process that complements the client’s business model.

On-Target takes form through several different phases. Early in the process, data collection defines the current state. From there, formal objectives are defined and expectations are communicated. Then, a multi-tier roadmap and a specific coaching plan are created and implemented for a finite period of time, usually several months. 

On-Target has built-in progress review meetings with stakeholders utilizing unique feedback instruments. The process culminates with a final report detailing progress, ROI and recommendations.

After a leader successfully completes On-Target, he or she can utilize its coaching techniques to develop the people he or she manages, creating a cascade effect of improved performance.

“Connect the Dots’ On-Target coaching has taught my leadership team the importance of adding leadership skills and behaviors to their technical abilities,” says David Abbot, Associate Director of Facilities Services at The OSU Medical Center. “Connect the Dots’ approach and tools, enables me to clearly define what we received for our investment.”

Connect the Dots Consulting provides executive coaching, onboarding and team dynamics solutions to a wide range of organizations. Their clients include Lane Bryant, Audi/Volkswagen of America, TJX Companies, Nissan Americas and The Ohio State University. To learn more about Connect the Dots and what they can do for organizations, visit


Brenda Hampel,, 614.793.8836