Consistent Benefits Communication Saves Money. How Employee Benefits Videos Can Improve Communications

Delivering consistent messaging is not just good communication, it saves time and money. This is surely an obvious statement, but how well do you implement it in your organization?

– Are your informational events well attended?
– Is everyone who wants to attend able to do so?
– Do your support call numbers rise after a series of seminars?
– Are many of the questions about confirming facts or clearing up discrepancies between presenters?
– Do you feel that live seminars are an efficient use of resources?

With employee benefits videos, you can ensure that the same clear message is delivered to all of your employees–regardless of what location they work out of, what shift they’re on or whether or not they (or their family decision maker) can attend your seminar.

One GuideSpark customer, a large law firm with offices across the U.S., typically experienced an uptick in phone calls to their HR Help Line after on-site Open Enrollment events. Employees noticed discrepancies in information when discussing these meetings with their peers. Family decision makers who could not attend were also left with unanswered questions. HR was accustomed to clarifying information to confused employees and their spouses.

To curb these costs, the firm implemented a series of online videos to tell employees about Open Enrollment changes and existing benefit options. HR experienced a dramatic decrease—attributed to the more consistent video messaging—in Help Line calls from both employees and their families. The company also opened each live event with a video so that attendees quickly and accurately came up to speed on the topic at hand and were able to use the rest of the seminar asking specific high level questions–a more effective use of everyone’s time.

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