Contingency Hiring is on the Rise and Recruiters Are Benefiting from the Job Surge in Specialty and Senior-Level Placements

According to BountyJobs CEO Michael Hard, interviewed on TotalPicture Radio, Headhunters Can Positively Impact Their Bottom-Line, While Corporate Recruiters Can Fill Open Positions Faster Using Web-Based Job Tools and Solutions

NEW YORK, NY, October 4, 2011 – – Despite the high unemployment rate and the ups-and-downs of the current job market, there is a war for talent. Headhunters, working in industry verticals, are looking to recruit for many niche, highly specialized and senior-level corporate positions. Hiring in start-ups and Fortune 500 organizations continues to rise in specific industries and within certain professions. “Contingency recruiters are reaping the benefits of this upturn, and strong competition for highly desirable passive candidates through the use of unique Web-based tools and services,” according to BountyJobs CEO Michael Hard.

In an exclusive interview ( with Peter Clayton, producer/host of TotalPicture Radio, a popular career and leadership development podcast, Hard stated by using BountyJobs, “The best headhunters can easily add approximately 30 to 40 percent to their bottom-line. And hard-pressed, short staffed corporate recruiters with limited resources can hire for critical positions in half the time it would normally take using traditional recruiting methods, by leveraging online job markets and networks.”

“As of result of this increased demand to fill industry specific, highly skilled and senior-level, mission-critical positions — searches using headhunters are strong across the board, and fees for filling these jobs are on the rise as well,” said Hard. “Typically, headhunter fees are approximately 20 percent. We fully expect these fees to break the 20 percent barrier by the end of -Q3, based on our BountyJobs Headhunter Index,” Hard projects. The BountyJobs Headhunter Index is the first nationwide index that tracks jobs that companies fill using third-party headhunters and recruiters. A new, updated Headhunter Index will be available on the BountyJobs web site in the middle of October. The research is available at no cost to recruiters and HR professionals.

According to Hard, “We’ve been in stealth mode for the past couple of years, but our systems and processes are now ready for prime-time. We have a half a billion dollars of fees that have passed through BountyJobs and so we have a lot of jobs and a lot of data.”

Currently focused exclusively in the U.S. and Canada, BountyJobs is an online marketplace that connects employers with a network of “about 10,000” seasoned headhunters. The company guarantees efficient collaboration with the headhunter channel through a single Web-based application, helping corporations better leverage, manage, track, and control expenses used on third-party recruiters.

Asked about salary range and the types of jobs companies are posting to BountyJobs, Hard responded, “BountyJobs is filling roles of all levels and salaries, from the pharmaceutical company that needs 12 great sales executives in 60 days to the multi-national firm that needs a CEO.” Hard added, “We are filling VP’s of Sales, Chief Marketing Officers… The average salary of a job filled on BountyJobs is over $100,000 and we’re filling jobs on BountyJobs that are $250,000, $300,000. If a company needs a great headhunter to fill a job, we can help.”

When analyzing where BountyJobs’ headhunters have found great success: healthcare, banking, engineering, manufacturing, semiconductors and technology are the hottest sectors today.

“We are seeing that the critical jobs given to headhunters are such positions as senior software developers, lead nurse and senior healthcare administrators, directors and heads of sales and marketing, as well as many senior revenue generating roles,” revealed Hard.

“Headhunters who have deep relationships with hard-to-find talent in specific geographic locations – for instance the Pacific Northwest – are in high demand, reflecting the difficulty and expense in relocating job candidates,” Hard concluded.

The podcast interview (including a complete transcript) with BountyJobs’ Michael Hard can be downloaded from TotalPicture Radio ( or iTunes.

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BountyJobs ( is the preferred contingent search solution for more than one-third of the Fortune 500, and our marketplace features more than 10,000 approved headhunters. BountyJobs is one of only seven HR industry companies to make the Inc. 500 list for 2011, and the only one to focus on improving the way companies find and work more effectively with specialized headhunters. The company’s revenue jumped 881 percent from 2007 to 2010, the three years tracked by the Inc. Magazine editorial team.

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