Coronavirus and RChilli Worklife: How Is Our Business Managing WFH?

Paramdeep Singh, Manager (Marketing) from RChilli, is expressing his experience on WFH in this global pandemic.

When the first case of Coronavirus came, who knew it would become a global pandemic? Over the last month, life has taken a drastic change. While schools, malls are shut, businesses have chosen to work from home.

Everyone is praying for this situation to end. I do the same, but deep down my heart, I thank Coronavirus for letting me discover a new way to work. We faced many challenges while working from home, but along with every challenge came a solution.

Let me share a few learnings of WFH and how, at RChilli, we are handling this situation.

Discovering a New RChilli Work Culture

The decision to work from home was sudden. We never had a WFH culture at our office, and I must admit we were not prepared for it. But it took me just two days to realize that every employee of RChilli is committed to the work even when they are working from home. Yes, there is electricity issue, a call drops off due to poor internet connectivity, kids ask for attention. But amidst all these, we make sure to stay connected with each other and meet the deadlines.

Technology- Our Savior

Thanks to technology, that makes it easy for us to work from home. Google Hangouts and Zoom meetings are where we regularly meet. It is wonderful to see how a group of individuals can work to achieve a common goal without meeting each other in person. Our workplaces have separated, but we are together in achieving our targets.

A More Connected Team

To my surprise, all team members feel closer to each other. While interacting in the office, we hardly met each other’s family. But now, in every video call, we can see the kids roaming around. And sometimes, they make their presence felt through their chatter in the middle of the meeting. We understand that, at times, it is overwhelming to work with kids, but we make sure to give a moment to the person at that time.

Keeping the Spirit Alive

There are times when our team feels low, sitting at just one place and not having the freedom to move around. RChilli team ensures to have a weekly meeting on Zoom, where everyone gathers and talks about their fun moments, the challenges they face, and how they are dealing with it. We make sure that our team remains motivated and focused. Here is a snapshot of our chat:

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Acquiring New Skills

This is an amazing opportunity to learn something new. We had a great laugh when my male colleagues told me they are learning to cook and clean the house while female colleagues are fixing a bulb or a tap. I also realized that you could get fabulous ideas for work while doing household chores. We are making every minute constructive and investing our time in trainings to acquire new skills.

RChilli is making the most of this time. We are getting amazing leads and good closings. The COVID-19 situation is constantly changing, but what remains unchanged is our commitment to serving our customers. If you are looking for any help from us, give us a shout. Rest assured, our team will leave no stone unturned to serve you with the best.

What are your thoughts on WFH? Feel free to share your challenges and tips to deal with them.

Stay safe and stay healthy. And remember, this too shall pass. ?