CRG emPerform and Online Talent Manager Explain Personalities in the Workplace

CRG emPerform, a leading provider of online performance management software is teaming up with the Human Capital Institute (, and Bert Goos, Business Psychologist and CEO of Online Talent Manager, to deliver an insightful, and engaging complimentary webinar Wednesday, March 28th on The Secrets Behind Personality Testing. In this webinar, Goos will draw from his 25+ years as an Organizational Psychologist and Executive Coach to share his secrets behind understanding personalities in the workplace and how companies can leverage it to attract and retain the right people.

Whether you are an HR leader, manager, coach, trainer, or company owner, this webinar will provide important insights to consider when trying to find, develop, and keep the best possible talent. During this informative presentation, participants will learn the basics behind personality assessments and how an understanding of employee personalities can lead to better hiring decisions, increased engagement, better performance and communication, and overall workplace satisfaction.

• The three personality tests that determine what roles, company structure, and goals best fit your employees.
• How understanding personalities can help managers choose the right development plans for employees and can help companies improve the effectiveness of competency training for their employees.
• How the unique working landscape of the Netherlands has opened the door for using personality testing to hire the right leaders. Why is personality testing used so much, and so successfully, in this environment and how can the lessons learned there be applied to helping your organization today?

Bonus: Participants will be given a coupon code for a free personality test to learn more about themselves and help them develop a vocabulary for speaking about personality in the work place.

Date: Wednesday, March 28th, 2012
Time: 2PM -3PM EDT

*Recasts of this webinar are also available.
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