Customer Speaks- What VIVAHR Likes About RChilli?

RChilli shares an excellent relationship with its customers. Currently, it is serving 1600+ customers in 33+ countries. We feel proud to work with many Fortune 500 customers such as GR8 People, Phenom,, Wipro, and many more.

We are committed to delivering remarkable service to our customers by keeping ourselves future-ready and ensure to supersede the expectations of our users.

It feels awesome when our customers acknowledge our efforts and appreciate our services. We recently talked to Ryan Naylor, CEO-VIVAHR, and he shared his experience of working with RChilli.

Let’s talk about the three benefits that VIVAHR experiences by using RChilli.

  • Amazing Customer Service

One of the core values of RChilli is customer delight and loyalty. At RChilli, our first priority is our customer. According to Ryan, the response rate of RChilli is incredible. The team is proactive and ensures to respond immediately to the queries of VIVAHR. They make sure that they resolve all queries at the highest priority. Such an important service makes VIVAHR trust us.

  • Seamless Integration

It is very easy to work with RChilli. We offer an amazing speed in our technology. VIVAHR gets instant results while parsing resumes because RChilli invests in keeping all its processes easy and simple for its users.

  • Consistency in Product

RChilli never compromises with the quality. VIVAHR likes the consistency we have in our resume parser. Our products have set a benchmark in the HR tech industry and the company ensures to make them more useful by adding new features.

VIVAHR also likes the fact that RChilli is committed to making sure that its customers get the results they need. They also feel at peace knowing that we have all the technical resources and support if any problem arises.

We extend our deep gratitude to VIVAHR for being an awesome customer. We are happy to have you as a part of the RChilli family.

If you are impressed with what our customers think about us, you can start using RChilli with our incubator program– the easiest way to start with RChilli.

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