Debunking the Myths about AI in HR

The potential impact of AI is the hot topic of debate. Though AI is transforming the recruitment process, we cannot deny that with every innovation, one can build myths due to fear. We, as humans, look for a change curiously but take a while to adjust with it. Misconceptions come along when you think about adopting a tool or software. Thus, it is important to bust these myths before they restrict your business growth.

I am writing this article to share a real viewpoint towards these concepts and facts shared by industry leaders. You will appreciate how the new generation is using recruitment analytics solutions to streamline the hiring process.

Read this article to see how people leave old myths with new realities.

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Myth No.1

AI Eliminates the Need of a Recruiter

HR professionals feel that companies will not require recruiters once AI takes charge of tasks. While automation shortens the HR processes with a few clicks, recruiters think that companies will soon start relying on AI and their role will come to an end.


70% of employers see AI in supporting humans in completing business processes.

We all believe that the decision of hiring a candidate rests solely with the HR manager/recruiter. While AI can do miracles by simplifying the recruitment process, recruiters will always have the final say. Also, AI brings a major change in the way you work and helps you in focusing on high-value tasks.

In result, you close jobs quickly to make extra money for vacations and save time for fun & family.

Myth No. 2

AI Means the End of Human Intelligence

Organizations will depend on machine intelligence. It is a myth that humans will not get a chance to use their intelligence and have to rely on the way machines work.


It is a fact that humans are the brain behind the innovation of machine intelligence. And a human mind will always be behind the growth you will see in AI and technology.

It is just like AI-driven Dishwashers or Washing machines. They help the family to have quality time together rather than spend it on some low-value task. Similarly, AI will perform low-value tasks, and you can handle tasks demanding attention, leading to quality work-life balance.

Myth No. 3

AI Means a Robot

People think that adopting AI means bringing robots to the workplace. They believe that robots will replace workers.


We have a lot of robots around us. Closest one is smartphone and others such as home automation, Smart TV, Alexa, etc. These are gadgets which support us. Thus, AI does the magic in the background and remains in the computer system.

Myth No. 4

AI, Deep Learning and Machine Learning are the Same

All these terms signify the same meaning and perform the same functionality.


The three most desired skills on are machine learning (ML), deep learning, and natural language processing (NLP).

While these terms are used in the same context, they have a different meaning. AI is a technology which has human-like intelligence. It can process or speak text-based conversations. Machine learning consists of algorithms that computer systems use to perform specific tasks. And deep learning is from machine learning family based on artificial neural networks.

Myth No. 5

AI Increases Business Costs

Many HR professionals believe that investing in AI results in sizable costs. Relying on AI means more money will go out of your pockets.


There is a 35% higher cost when the recruitment process is not automated.

The truth is that your business costs will decrease if you adopt AI. It will shorten your recruitment process and save time, which can be invested in other tasks. AI not only saves money but also becomes your partner to make more money. So, it is an investment to hire a partner, not a cost.

I am sure this article is able to crack the myths related to AI.

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