DECEPTION BY RESUME: "Lie-Busting" Expert Panel Tackles Resume Fraud at Upcoming EmployeeScreenIQ Webinar

Cleveland, OH, June 4, 2014–Recently published survey results from EmployeeScreenIQ indicate employers are less tolerant than ever regarding resume fraud: Half of all respondents reject 90 percent or more of their candidates when lies are discovered on their resumes. HR professionals can learn how to effectively identify and respond to falsified resumes by attending a complimentary webcast from EmployeeScreenIQ on June 18 entitled, “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire: An Employer’s Guide to Effective Resume Verification.”

Recent news reports demonstrate that resume fraud occurs frequently, even in the executive ranks of business and at sports’ highest levels. A “lie-busting” panel of background screening professionals and HR industry veterans will share their best practices for identifying resume distortions and handling candidate fallout upon discovery:

– Nick Fishman, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, EmployeeScreenIQ
– Jason Morris, President, Chief Operations Officer, EmployeeScreenIQ
– Craig Caddell, Vice President, ReferencePro
– Karen Jones, CPP, Senior Analyst, Wegmans

In this informative one-hour sessions, attendees will learn:

– How liars slip through the cracks – even at the highest levels.
– Why it’s absolutely critical to confirm candidate qualifications.
– The right way to verify information from resumes and references.
– The most notorious diploma mills and why they continue to flourish.
– If and how to confront a candidate who has lied.

“Our research indicates that employers are now seeing resume lies as a real deal breaker, more so than in the past when they indicated a greater level of leniency toward some ’embellishment’,” says Nick Fishman, chief marketing officer, EmployeeScreenIQ. “Deception is rampant and it is incumbent upon employers to uncover these resume discrepancies as early as possible in the hiring process.”

The one-hour presentation will take place on Wednesday, June 18 at 2 p.m. EST (11 a.m. PST). Interested individuals can register here.

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