Did you know one of the top reasons for a failing employee is a bad manager?

WACO, TX; February 15, 2012 – Profiles International lanched their newest report, “Top 10 Leadership Tips for First-time Managers.”

Organizations cannot assume that an effective worker will succeed as an effective manager. For first-time managers, the responsibility of leading and motivating a team to produce first-rate results can be a daunting challenge. 

As a leader in your organization, don’t let the pressure and inexperience stifle their progress. The latest report released by Profiles International outlines ten very simple but advantageous steps to help first-time managers. The steps cover areas where common management mistakes are made such as communication, personal development, recognition, decision-making and guidance.

“Set a good example. Demand from yourself the same level of professionalism and dedication that you expect from others. If you expect the team to be upbeat and friendly, then make sure you are! If you expect written reports to be error free, then double check your own work.” – Profiles International

This report is one of many by Profiles International and their research team. The global assessment provider publishes daily blog posts to c-suite, management and frontline workers to be as productive as they can possibly be in their careers. Profiles International is also offering readers the chance to test drive their Checkpoint360°™ Assessment – 100% risk free.

Download the “Top 10 Leadership Tips for First-time Managers” report.

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