Aurora, Illinois — April 29, 2014 — Digi-Me, under the parent company JSTN, is pleased to announce its partnership with the hit Internet reality show, Top Recruiter. About to embark on its third season, the Miami-based show creates various challenges for its cast of top players in the recruitment space, with a single winner being crowned at the end. The brainchild of executive producer Chris LaVoie, the show has a flashy production style that is up there with the best of Hollywood, but the stories are 100% human, inviting viewers to peek into the emotional journeys of unemployed individuals as well as the recruiters who are trying to help them.

The ultimate goal of the show is to raise awareness of the best tools, skills, and practices for connecting jobs and job-seekers. And since creating technologies that facilitate those connections is Digi-Me’s domain, a partnership between the two was a natural next step.

“Digi-Me is all about using technology and automation to make the marriage between the recruiter and their dream candidate faster and easier,” said Lindsay Stanton, Chief Client Officer of Digi-Me. “Through our partnership with Top Recruiter, broader audiences will be exposed to the power of technology-infused video to increase search engine optimization, expand mobile reach, and provide enhanced candidate tracking.”

As part of the Digi-Me/Top Recruiter relationship, Digi-Me will be featured in an episode of the show, with Stanton acting as a judge and subject matter expert. “I am excited to have Digi-Me as a sponsor and look forward to seeing industry expert, Lindsay Stanton, in action as a judge,” added LaVoie.

Since the show is a competition, specific details about the Digi-Me episode cannot be disclosed at this time in order to maintain a level playing field. However, it can be divulged that the episode will be filmed late in the spring at a major Florida job fair. It will air on November 4, 2014, on the web at toprecruiter.tv.

For more information on Digi-Me recruitment video solutions, go to digi-me.com or contact sales@myjstn.com.

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