Digi-Me Named ReSI Award Winner for Most Innovative Mobile Solution by TAtech

Aurora, IL – October 27, 2015 – Digi-Me has been named the 2015 Recruiting Service Innovation Award or ReSI Award winner for Most Innovative Mobile Solution by TAtech: The Association for Talent Acquisition Solutions (formerly the IAEWS). Digi-Me was nominated for 4 awards in total at the ReSI award gala on October 15, 2015, which recognizes the individuals, organizations, products and services that have “optimized the recruiter’s experience.”

“Receiving the 2015 ReSI Award for Most Innovative Mobile Solution by TAtech was such an honor. Our team at Digi-Me is very proud to deliver a revolutionary recruitment solution that digitizes employers job openings, with proprietary technology that provides globally accessible and a fully enabled mobile solution. The award reminds our organization why we work hard everyday,” say Roger Stanton, President & CEO of Digi-Me.

The competition was sponsored by America’s Job Exchange and VetJobs.com. It began with each organization’s submission of a two-part nomination form. First, they had to write a description of their work, detailing both how it optimized the recruiter’s experience and why their approach was innovative. Second, they had to list no fewer than three and no more than ten references who would describe their experience with the organization.

Next, a Selection Committee composed of corporate talent acquisition executives and senior recruiters was empanelled. They reviewed and scored each nomination on its own merits and in comparison to the other Nominees in its category. At the same time, the References were contacted and surveyed about their experience with the Nominees. Better than 90 percent of the References responded to the survey, which is itself a tribute to the Nominees. Finally, the two scores were combined and the Winners in each of the 12 categories were announced.

“The ReSIs celebrate the innovators and innovations in talent acquisition, and Digi-Me’s award is well deserved given its extraordinary contribution to the power and mobility of online recruitment advertising,” stated Peter Weddle, ReSis Founder and executive director of the association.

To see the full list of 2015 ReSI Winners, please click here.

About Digi-Me:

With our short, customized recruitment videos spotlighting career opportunities and corporate culture, Digi-Me, a JSTN company, delivers information to job seekers in a way that is more engaging & more accessible across all media platforms and devices. Our professional-quality video solutions include the latest cloud-based tracking technology for up-to-the-minute reporting on candidate behavior as well as automatic integration into your ATS. Harness the power of video to boost SEO, improve candidate self-selection, and stand out from the competition with Digi-Me video solutions. Learn more at www.digi-me.com.

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