Digi-Me Releases New Reporting Dashboard for Easily Tracking Video Job Ad Views and Applies by Source

Naperville, IL – October 23, 2018 – Digi-Me, a digital recruitment firm specializing in tracked video technology for the modern-day employer, announced today that it is has released a new reporting dashboard for effectively automating reports for video job ads data and metrics.
The new Digi-Me video job ad reporting dashboard allows users the opportunity to run an analysis on the time and date when video views occur, as well as candidate applications, in an easy to digest graphical report. The graphs report the duration of how long the job videos have been viewed. The Digi-Me solution is able to track views back to hire, giving our clients valuable insight to determine true ROI and enormous cost savings.

The video job ad reports can be run by any date range. Users have the ability to create easy “pre-canned” reports. These reports can be quickly run and shared with recruiters, managers, colleagues and executives.

Digi-Me’s video job ad new reporting system runs queries based on the top sources, including sources that are labeled with a custom source tag by recruitment professionals.

With unemployment hovering below 4%, filling tough to fill roles is even tougher. Volume roles have become more burdensome and costly for companies around the world. Digi-Me’s new video job ad reporting dashboard revolutionizes talent acquisition as it simplifies the ability to identify leading sources for views on video job ads.

Currently, Digi-Me’s video job ads are generating an exceptional number of hires across their client base, primarily from social platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Digi-Me’s video job ad solutions are now tracked faster and easier with the launch of their new reporting dashboard.

“There is no other HR technology platform that penetrates social media to attract talent like Digi-Me,” says Lindsay Stanton, Chief Client Officer of Digi-Me. “With the complexity and wide range of recruitment tools out there, we know it’s hard to find a strategy where you can really get the best ROI. We go above and beyond to identify solutions that simplify things for our clients,” she adds.

To learn more about Digi-Me’s video job ad solution, visit www.digi-me.com.

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