Most human resources (HR) departments are on their way to becoming more digital, and the few that have already arrived are reaping a variety of benefits. Many companies are not yet fully or primarily digital when it comes to HR.  In fact, only 40% of HR professionals report that in their departments either “virtually everything is digital” (7%) or “many things are digital” (33%). It is promising, however, to note that nearly two-thirds of HR professionals believe their departments will become much more digital over the next two years.’s Research Institute conducted this exclusive study, The Digital HR Function – Boost HR productivity and efficiency by adopting digital transformation, in partnership with Deltek, the leading global provider of enterprise software and information solutions for project-based businesses, to gain a better understanding of how HR is faring with digital transformation.

HR departments may be struggling to emerge from the traditional responsibilities of handling administrative tasks as the most common role played by HR is as an HR administrator (70%), while only 30% of HR departments play the role of strategist. In addition, it may be unsettling to managers to see that only 19% agree that their HR departments use data for predictive analytics to anticipate talent management challenges.

Results were analyzed by the level of digital maturity of each organization to study the differences between companies primarily using automated processes and those that still mainly use manual processes in the workplace. Digital HR departments tend to operate in organizations that are realizing better financial and HR results. This report provides more detailed insights into the differences for a more digitally mature organization.

The research report includes a recommended Digital Maturity Model for HR departments and managers to customize and apply in their own organizations.

“Results from this research clearly point to the need for leadership to support HR in striving for digital maturity.  Without digitization and the strategic decision-making within HR processes, organizations are not achieving their optimal performance and success,” stated Debbie McGrath, Chief Instigator and CEO of

Download the full report, which includes five key strategies for adopting digital transformation and boosting HR productivity and efficiency.



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