DocuSign Offers Free Webinar and Whitepaper to Help Employers Comply With New York Wage Theft Protection Act By February 1, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – December 13, 2011 – DocuSign, the global standard for electronic signature, announced today a complimentary webinar and whitepaper that helps employers with New York-based employees understand and comply with new legislation – the New York Wage Theft Protection Act (WTPA) – which requires employer action by February 1, 2012 to avoid fines.

DocuSign’s latest webinar and whitepaper outline the paperwork and processes involved in becoming WTPA compliant while offering a cost-saving, reliable, and legally binding way for companies to drive immediate and ongoing compliance.

The WTPA imposes more stringent notice and record-keeping requirements for employers of New York-based employees. Non-compliant employers may be liable for civil liability of up to $2,500 per employee for small paperwork violations, and up to $20,000 plus the possibility of criminal penalties for retaliatory activity.

“The New York State Department of Labor is serious about protecting workers, and this new law grants the Department greater power to enforce the law,” said Ken Moyle, chief legal counsel at DocuSign. “Because compliance is not an option but a necessity, New York State employers need an action plan now, as the compliance deadline is quickly approaching.”

Employers must decide how to deliver the notice to each employee. Traditional methods of delivery include printing and mailing the notice, or including the notice in paycheck envelopes to save a separate mailing. These options can often be costly and time-consuming.

A new alternative, online delivery and electronic signature, is a reliable and legally binding option that speeds compliance and reduces costs.

New York state employers, including all private sector employers and their employees in the state of New York, as well as charter and private schools and not-for-profit corporations, are affected by the new requirements. The WTPA requires employers to give a written wage notice to each new hire and to all employees by February 1 of each year. Employers must also maintain current and accurate wage, hour, and payroll records, provide detailed information for each week an employee works, and give every employee a wage statement or pay stub each payday that includes payroll data plus additional information.

“Using DocuSign has solved the headache of getting employee documents completed and signed,” said Carrie Robuck, from the human resources department at Orscheln. “Now the entire process is fast and easy for us and the signer. And the time-savings is huge as DocuSign automatic signing reminders eliminate the need for us to continually follow-up.”

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