Dovetail Software and cFactor Release Complimentary eBook Outlining Five Essentials for a High Performing HR Service Delivery Model

Dovetail Software, a worldwide leader in SaaS HR case management and cfactor, a developer of socially infused Human Resource technologies, today announced the online availability of [Dancing with HR Stars: Five Essentials for Making HR Service Delivery Look and Feel Effortless]. This comprehensive eBook provides guidance from five experts on how to build an HR service delivery model that improves efficiency, lowers costs and gives HR professionals the tools they need to be strategic players within their organizations.

“One of the purposes of our solution is to enable HR to handle a higher volume of employee needs with fewer HR resources.” said Stephen Lynn, CEO of Dovetail Software. “A huge component of doing that and doing it well is building an HR Service Delivery Model that runs smoothly. When all the moving parts come together successfully, HR Service Delivery should look like an effortless dance, hence the theme of the eBook.”

Packed with almost 15 pages of insight on how to implement the right technology mix, manage change and foster technology user adoption, measure and improve performance, and build an engaging community for employees to connect with each other and HR, this eBook features sections from five expert judges giving you performance tips on how to “dance your way” to success.

“Five Essentials for Making HR Service Delivery Look and Feel Effortless manages to be entertaining while providing practical guidance for building, measuring and improving an HR Service Delivery Model,” said Dwane Lay, Head of HR Process Design at Dovetail Software. “Each section provides an in-depth look at all the components necessary to make your HR service delivery run so smoothly it feel effortless – giving HR the opportunity to focus on more strategic initiatives.”

Over the coming weeks, the Dovetail and cFactor blogs, will be posting in-depth interviews with the expert judges featured in the eBook. On April 24th, Dovetail will join cfactor in hosting a webinar through Human Capital Institute, in which eBook contributors Jim Scully, Founder of the Shared Services Institute, Cary Schuler, CEO of cfactor, and Kane Frisby, Chief Strategy Officer of Dovetail Software will expand on concepts from the eBook and discuss how to run HR shared services like a thriving business.

About Dovetail
Dovetail Software delivers a SaaS-based HR case management and help desk solution that manages and tracks employee interactions with HR–including employee grievances and general policy questions, payroll and benefits, recruiting-related questions and compliance issues. Dovetail customers cite cost reduction of supplying support, increased productivity, access to complete records of employee interactions with HR, and visibility into analytics that help them improve their processes as key product benefits. For more information, visit

About cfactor
Since its inception, cfactor has been recognized by organizations like Ernst & Young, the Canadian Innovation Exchange and the Business Development Bank of Canada for its game-changing workforce management, talent management
and performance management enterprise software. Working primarily with mid-to-large enterprises that represent hundreds of thousands of employees across a variety of industries, cfactor consistently delivers social enterprise products that are highly configurable, improve employee performance and deliver a proven ROI. For further information, visit