Dovetail Software Launches Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite 8

AUSTIN, TX – October 1, 2013 – Dovetail Software, a leading provider of SaaS HR Help Desk and Case Management solutions, today announced its latest release of Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite.

Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite 8, including over 50 new features and improvements, is Dovetail’s largest, most advanced release to date in terms of features, technology, architecture, and new operations capabilities.

New features include a redesigned console displaying the most used and accessed features in the tool; an extensible object model that enables fields to appear based on specific attributes, such as case type; improved search functionality that auto-searches for relevant solutions and similar cases when a new case is created or an existing case is opened; and point-in-time support for employee data, which ensures accurate case history regardless of dynamic data changes. Additionally, several features and enhancements have been added to improve workflow, case notes, and case routing.

“With this release, we used customer feedback and best-of-breed technology to create a highly usable and efficient system that introduces a new approach to case workflow. Our commitment to continuous innovation allows us to introduce new features in every release and iterate on them quickly, giving customers the opportunity to take a more sophisticated approach to HR Service Delivery. ” said Kane Frisby, Chief Strategy Officer, Dovetail Software.

Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite 8 allows HR teams to handle a higher volume of employee needs – freeing HR resources to focus on more strategic initiatives. By combining HR Case Management, Knowledge Management and an Employee Service Portal, companies are able to do a better job of tracking, managing and reporting on HR-related issues and requests.

“We made some very significant changes to the console in this release after evaluating what areas of the tool our users were accessing and using the most. It is also packed with new features designed to help users respond to employee and manager requests faster and more accurately.” explained Chad Myers, Director of Development, Dovetail HR Products.

Dovetail will be providing demos and product overviews of Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite 8 at the HR Technology Conference and Exposition on October 7 – 8, 2013 in Las Vegas, NV.

About Dovetail:

Dovetail Software delivers a SaaS-based HR case management and help desk solution that manages and tracks employee interactions with HR–including employee grievances and general policy questions, payroll and benefits, recruiting-related questions and compliance issues. Dovetail customers cite cost reduction of supplying support, increased productivity, access to complete records of employee interactions with HR, and visibility into analytics that help them improve their processes as key product benefits. For more information, visit