DreamJobs Releases White Paper: Recruitment…Less is More

With unemployment rates as high as double digits and the national average currently at 7.7%, we have more available talent today than the job market demands. Or do we?

Cleveland, Ohio, March 29, 2013 – Remember the days (early 2000’s) when there was a ‘War for Talent’? Since the economic recession of 2008/2009, things have changed. Or have they? With unemployment rates as high as double digits and the national average currently at 7.7%, we have more available talent today than the job market demands. Or do we? Why did Michigan Governor Rick Snyder go on record earlier this year stating the only thing holding Michigan back from economic recovery is the ‘lack of talent’…the lack of people with the right skills to attract new businesses to the state? Can that be possible given the state’s unemployment rate at 8.8%? The answer is absolutely yes! Many of the unemployed lack the skills that employers require and seek.

During the 2008/2009 economic recession, over 60% of all corporate recruiters were displaced. The lack of hiring caused the event. Employers learned the hard way that job growth was not a constant and their fixed cost recruiting model no longer worked. Given the added pressure of making profits in a down market, a variable recruiting solution based on real-time hiring requirements was needed.

The sluggish economic recovery along with corresponding slow job growth for the past few years has fueled the need for change. So is a talent acquisition revolution occurring? According to Kim Davis, President/CEO of DreamJobs, “employers of all sizes and in all market verticals are aggressively seeking a new on-demand recruiting model: a model that can be turned on and off or scaled up and down based on their real-time hiring requirements.” Davis says, “they want a solution that is cost-effective”. Employers are willing to absorb some risk but cannot afford to pay expensive traditional recruitment fees. Most employers are unwilling to outsource recruitment to a third party. Remember, talent is still their #1 asset. “The only way for the new on-demand model to work is through a partnership between the provider and the employer organization,” Davis states. This means a partnership where there are shared responsibilities and shared ownership.

The whitepaper, ‘Recruitment…Less is More,’ describes the talent acquisition evolution, why it is occurring, and why it is needed. It explains exciting changes, and the environment required to be successful. Both providers and employers must alter their methods of interaction. It is not about shifting risk, because that will never work. A revolutionary approach to recruitment is occurring where both providers and employers have responsibility and ownership. Read more at http://lnkd.in/ke4Xtu.

About DreamJobs
DreamJobs, talent acquisition thought leaders and recruitment experts, acts as a trusted adviser offering world-class, nontraditional recruitment services that are reliable, predictable, flexible, and consistent. They take a partnered approach where there is a shared responsibility and a shared ownership between the provider and client organization. DreamJobs will complement and augment existing recruitment resources. All solutions are configured to the specific client application and are offered at the right time, at the right price, resulting in best-fit hires. Delivery is available on an “On-demand” or “Termed” basis. Recruitment offerings include Candidate Research, Candidate Sourcing, Select Recruitment Services, Automated Recruitment Services, Full Life Cycle Recruitment Services (RPO), and Recruitment Consulting.

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