Empathia Aids Health Care System in Cultural Transformation

Milwaukee, WI (May 2, 2013)–When growing pains ruptured communication and collaboration within ProHealth Care’s IT department, its leadership sought out Empathia to aid in the healing process–and to help bring about a cultural transformation.

“Culture is the foundation, the engine we build our businesses on,” observes Tom Ostrenga, ProHealth Care’s Manager of Business and Financial Systems, who believes that many organizations overlook the importance of culture. “If you have a healthy culture, you can accomplish your business objectives and sustain the highest levels of success. But you can’t do any of that if your culture is dysfunctional.”

Visit http://www.empathia.com/case_studies/20130501.php to access the case study, “Reinvigorating a Team. Revitalizing a Culture,” which highlights ProHealth Care’s multifaceted solution for improving its IT team’s working environment and interaction skills. One significant component of this solution was Empathia’s scientifically validated Culture Assessment Tool (CAT), which helped ProHealth Care assess the behavioral landscape of its workplace and then measure and support positive behavior change.

“Our Culture Assessment Tool was created specifically to enable organizations to measure the state of their workplace and identify gaps and issues that hinder their success,” said Empathia’s Jennifer Rebarchik, Manager of Culture1st. “More and more companies are embracing the same ideology as ProHealth Care–that it’s absolutely essential for them to proactively shape and integrate workplace culture into their overall business strategy.”

The case study offers an in-depth examination of all aspects of ProHealth Care’s multifaceted solution, including its behavioral benchmarking initiative, its “Key Conversations” training program, and the direct impact of these efforts on the IT team’s performance.

Download the case study at http://www.empathia.com/case_studies/20130501.php to learn more about how ProHealth Care and Empathia joined forces to bring about this striking cultural and business transformation.

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