Employee Engagement Soars for DSM Personalized Nutrition’s Employee Wellness Program

Two new case studies from DSM Personalized Nutrition show how the company’s nutrition-based employee wellness program achieves superior employee engagement for two very different organizations.

Parsippany, N.J., June 29, 2010—Two new case studies issued by DSM Personalized Nutrition report that the company’s nutrition-based employee wellness program achieves engagement levels and other results that far surpass industry standards. The engagement levels achieved by two clients during the program’s rollout, which included completing a biometric screening, were one-and-a-half to two times higher than the industry standard of 40 percent.

The case studies were conducted at two very different client organizations that have implemented DSM Personalized Nutrition’s Global Personal Nutrition System™ (GPNS™), a comprehensive, nutrition-based health and wellness program that helps employees make incremental, meaningful changes to their dietary and lifestyle behaviors:

• The first client—which achieved a 61 percent employee engagement level—is located in the Northeast with approximately 250 employees, most of whom are salaried employees working in an office complex environment. The case study is available at: http://www.dsm.com/le/en_US/pnut/html/Thankyou_GA_Success_ClientA.htm

• The second client—which achieved an 80 percent employee engagement level—is located in the South with approximately 1,100 employees, most of whom are hourly employees working 12-hour shifts in a manufacturing facility. The case study is available at: http://www.dsm.com/le/en_US/pnut/html/Thankyou_GA_Success_ClientB.htm

Other results featured in the case studies of these clients include:

• 95 percent of the employees in the office complex environment who completed a biometric screening also met with a health coach and scheduled a follow-up appointment for personal telephone coaching after their biometric screenings.
• 58 percent of the employees at in the office complex and 87 percent of employees in the manufacturing facility went on to complete personal health assessments, far exceeding the industry-wide average of about 18 percent.
• 75 percent of employees at the manufacturing facility who participated in a company-sponsored weight loss challenge lost weight—an average of four-and-a-half pounds per person.

In addition to providing engagement and results data, the studies outline the types of health issues, risks and challenges facing each organization’s workforce.

“As these case studies clearly demonstrate, employers seeking a corporate wellness program that delivers superior employee engagement and a maximum return on investment would do well to consider implementing GPNS™,” said Michael Tarino, DSM Personalized Nutrition’s president. “Our program is grounded in a whole-health approach to wellness, helping participants make behavior changes that improve every facet of their health. And by focusing on nutrition, we offer the most effective method for improving overall wellness and reducing risks for a number of costly, chronic diseases. The real beauty of GPNS™ is that it can be utilized by everyone in an organization as well as family members. It truly is a comprehensive program in every sense of the word.”

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DSM Personalized Nutrition is a U.S.-based subsidiary of DSM (Euronext:DSM), a global leader in nutrition. Its GPNS™, Global Personal Nutrition System™, is a comprehensive, nutrition-based health and wellness program offered to employers as part of a whole-health approach to reducing health care costs, improving productivity, and positively affecting employee morale. GPNS is designed to help employees achieve their specific health goals, and improve their health, by implementing small, yet meaningful dietary and lifestyle changes. www.DSMPersonalizedNutrition.com.

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