TalentKeepers Introduces On-Board Connection, a New Generation of Onboarding Tools and Guides for Leaders that Accelerates Productivity and Improves Retention

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Employee OnBoarding Tool Accelerates Employee Engagement and Improves Performance

On-Board Connection is a new generation of onboarding tools and guides for leaders

WINTER PARK, Fla. — October 24, 2012 — TalentKeepers, Inc., the employee engagement and retention experts, today announced a new version of the popular on-boarding solution, On-Board Connection®. On-boarding strategies and tools are quickly replacing legacy orientation programs for many forward-thinking companies.

TalentKeepers’ On-Board Connection helps companies accelerate the acclimation process for new hires, shorten the time-to-productivity period and establish a positive relationship between the leader, existing team and the new employee. Longitudinal data shows significant increases not only in engagement but also retention.

TalentKeepers pioneered the use of a non-anonymous and non-leader specific on-boarding questionnaire called FirstFit. FirstFit gives a new employee the chance to share leader, engagement and recognition preferences. The new edition includes career preferences, helping the new leader understand the employee’s goals and aspirations. These preferences are summarized in a handout used to guide a Handshake Meeting that begins to strengthen the bond between the employee and leader.

Online action planning allows a leader to track Handshake Meetings and capture the action plan to engage and retain each team member. This also provides accountability for a leader to follow through on their commitments. The new On-Board Connection is now available and includes an interactive online learning module, Handshake Connection, which trains leaders step-by-step on how to conduct a Handshake Meeting and provides tips for an effective discussion.

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