Employee Wellness Should Include Preventive Employee Relations, Advises Latest Article from Dovetail Software

AUSTIN, Texas—April 19, 2012—Employee wellness programs that fail to incorporate preventive employee relations are missing a critical opportunity to create a happier, healthier workforce and reap additional cost savings, according to a new article by Dovetail Software. Preventive employee relations (ER) relies on the detection of trends, patterns and inconsistencies related to ER issues such as discrimination, harassment and workplace bullying. This enables an organization not only to take appropriate action immediately but also to formulate long-term plans to prevent these trends from arising in the future.

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Just as the most effective wellness programs focus on proactively minimizing the costs of chronic disease, preventive employee relations focus on proactively minimizing costly employee complaints, grievances and hot spots.

“We encourage employers to think of it as adopting an ER wellness solution,” said Dwane Lay, Head of Dovetail HR Process Design. “The goal of both preventive wellness programs and preventive employee relations is to create a happier, healthier workforce. This means they’re inseparably linked and should be treated that way—especially by employers who are looking to maximize the results of their efforts and their impacts to the bottom line.”

The article explains the four key components of preventive employee relations and explores the importance of a sound HR case management system in gathering the right ER data, insights and metrics.

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