Employees Star in Mini-Films Illuminating the Power of Personal Storytelling for Maximum Impact

Recognition Reel is the first tool of its kind that creates a mini-movie or video of an employee’s body of work, and serves it up in a meaningful, authentic way to showcase that employee’s direct impact and value to an organization, explained Mike Byam, Terryberry’s fourth-generation managing partner. “It’s a mash-up of personal documentary meets individual work success.” Here’s a link:

“Study after study shows a lack of recognition or engagement is the number-one reason an employee leaves a company,” Byam said. “Recognition Reel immediately changes an organization’s recognition culture by providing authentic, personalized and timely accolades. The initial offering of Recognition Reel will offer social media sharing options, with additional flexibility for social sharing in future iterations.”

Recognition Reel, which is part of Terryberry’s 360 Recognition Platform of products and services, is seamless to implement; an important consideration for workplace managers. “It truly helps solve the “I’m too busy to recognize’ or `form letter’ recognition approach that are unfortunate realities in far too many organizations,” said Byam.

Byam announced the Recognition Reel at the SHRM 2016 Annual Conference & Exposition, the nation’s largest annual gathering of human resource practitioners.

Each Recognition Reel showcases a bevy of individual achievements populating his/her service year, as well as photos and messages of appreciation from peers and managers which describe career achievements and their impact to the company’s mission. Companies can add their own CEO message video to preface an employee’s video, enhancing the relationship between employee achievement and company goals.

“Recognition Reel is personal, meaningful and relevant – truly the tenants of any sound recognition effort, and we believe a game-changing tool for providing a profound and incredibly easy way to accomplish this and much more,” Byam said. “As our industry continues to evolve, we’re thrilled to lead this important work in a way that addresses the recognition needs of employees and managers.”

**Editor’s Note: Interviews with Mike Byam, fourth-generation managing partner of Terryberry, will be available at the SHRM16 Expo on Monday, June 20, at BOOTH #811, from 10:45 a.m. – noon, and from 2 p.m. – 3:15 p.m. To schedule an interview time, please contact Karen Kirchenbauer at (616) 776-3511 or Kirchenbauer@seyferthpr.com

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