EmployeeScreenIQ Webinar Spotlights HR Industry Response to Critical Hiring Challenges, Unveils 2013 Trends Survey Results Nearly 1,000 Participated

CLEVELAND / February 13, 2013 -Today’s precarious hiring environment leaves little room for error. With a seemingly endless stream of legislation passed at the federal and state levels and discrimination lawsuits mounting, employers conducting background checks must be on top of their game. EmployeeScreenIQ’s fourth annual trends survey indicates the industry is up to the challenge.

HR professionals are invited to attend a free webcast from EmployeeScreenIQ, the leading global provider of employment background screening services, and discover how nearly 1,000 of their industry peers are evolving their screening practices to satisfy new regulations while balancing the pressing needs of their organizations. Attendees will also pick up some practical tips from the experts for handling challenging hiring situations. The webinar, scheduled for February 28 and titled, “992 Heads Are Better than One: HR Industry Attitudes and Opinions on Background Screening Compliance,” will offer attendees a first look at the results of the company’s much-anticipated 2013 trends survey, which polled 992 U.S.-based employers regarding their use of employment background checks.

Employment background checks remain in the crosshairs of federal and state regulators in their effort to combat perceived misuse and discrimination. Drawing from the new survey report and 14 years of company experience, EmployeeScreenIQ background screening experts Jason B. Morris, president and chief operating officer, Nick Fishman, chief marketing officer and Angela Bosworth, J.D., vice president of compliance and general counsel will host the webinar and offer best practices to ensure that hiring procedures comply with ever-changing legislation and guidelines.

The entertaining and informative workshop will offer a reliable insider’s perspective regarding how employers use background reports, their response to adverse findings, their major background screening concerns and their future plans regarding background checks. The session will also offer insight into the HR industry’s attitudes about the impact of the new EEOC guidance, the practice of asking candidates to self-disclose criminal records and other timely issues. All attendees will receive an advance copy of the 2013trends survey report.

“The response from the HR community to our 2013 survey was the greatest it’s ever been at nearly 1,000 participants. Clearly, these issues are of major concern to employers as they struggle to ensure compliance,” says Fishman. “This large turnout, so to speak, offers a wealth of practical information on how the industry is navigating this unpredictable terrain. Attendees have a valuable opportunity to benchmark our findings against their policies and practices.”

The one-hour presentation will take place Thursday, February 28 at 2 p.m. EST (11 a.m. PST). To register, Visit https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/733556056?utm_campaign=webinars&utm_source=hubspot_email_marketing&utm_medium=email&utm_content=6848606&_hsenc=ANqtz-_pavjrTTnyg1EsfCNCCzADUf-FcKOs_2c5FjV6zyR_fgjawZrHttdWvuJjJxV5nEj2g5WsS0JaC1UE-sO1rD51DXS0Qg&_hsmi=6848606

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