EmployeeScreenIQ Webinar Spotlights Proper Employer Response to Applicants with Criminal Records

Cleveland, OH, December 4, 2013–Conscientious employers conduct thorough background checks in the interest of making the most intelligent hiring decisions. When the results of an employment background check reveal a job candidate has a criminal record, it’s critical that organizations know the proper – and legally compliant – way to respond.

HR professionals are invited to attend a complimentary webcast from EmployeeScreenIQ entitled, “My Candidate Has a Criminal Record. Now What?” which will demonstrate the steps employers must take when a candidate’s criminal background check uncovers adverse information. Scheduled for December 10, this information-packed webinar features an all-star panel of background screening professionals and HR industry veterans who will discuss important legal considerations and share practical advice for developing a safe and compliant hiring protocol:

– Jason Morris, President, EmployeeScreenIQ
– Nick Fishman, Chief Marketing Officer, EmployeeScreenIQ
– Angela Preston, VP of Compliance and General Counsel, EmployeeScreenIQ
– L. Gordon Paisley, Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition Service Center, United Airlines
– Tammy Henry, Sr. Manager, Workforce Risk Assessment and Strategy, Walmart

Attendees will learn:

– Precautions to ensure their organization’s hiring practices are legally compliant with FCRA & EEOC requirements.
– Essential considerations before making a hiring decision on a candidate with a criminal record.
– Best practices for individualized assessments and adverse action.

“Company hiring practices have fallen under increased government scrutiny and it’s critical that employers understand the implications of their actions and have a proactive process in place to address these unique hiring situations,” says Nick Fishman, chief marketing officer, EmployeeScreenIQ.

The one-hour presentation will take place on Tuesday, December 10 at 2 p.m. EST (11 a.m. PST). Interested individuals can register http://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/466418465?&__hssc=5883884.1.1386106686198&__hstc=5883884.5b015dc4949e23d783c72ca58d351eb1.1384800728319.1386049727841.1386106686198.21&hsCtaTracking=783e5efa-2464-495e-9223-758fe96c1583|43f5005a-5499-497e-875a-dd17351a2c57 [here].

About EmployeeScreenIQ

EmployeeScreenIQ helps employers make smart hiring decisions. The company achieves this through a comprehensive suite of employment background screening services including the industry’s most thorough and accurate criminal background checks, resume verification services and substance abuse screening. EmployeeScreenIQ is accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), a distinction earned by less than two percent of all employment screening companies. For more information, visit http://www.EmployeeScreen.com.

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