Employer Compliance and Efficiency Needs with People Data Fuels Sales Growth at OCI

Denver, Colorado — OCI, a leading provider of data integration services and cloud software solutions, announced today that it has continued to experience a significant increase in the number of organizations utilizing its services. The majority of its new customers, in the human resource and employee benefit segment, have selected its LeaveXpertTM product for their employee leave and absence administration.

Launched in late 2010 to help improve the management of employee leaves and return to work efforts,, which cost U.S. employers more than $300 billion a year, LeaveXpertTM is the ideal resource for HR looking to ensure compliance of Federal and State FMLA regulations while reducing the direct and indirect costs of leave. The cloud software product is available in two versions, addressing the absence needs of all organizations – regardless of size or leave policies.

“Absence management continues to be a workforce administration challenge for employers due to the myriad complexities in complying with the increasing number of state and federal leave regulations as well as managing return to work processes and accommodations,” says Archie Anderson, President of OCI. “Employers are seeking solutions that can simplify these processes, ensure compliance for their organization and their employees, and to lower the costs of managing leaves.”

OCI has also acquired several new customers for its data integration services. The company has secured data management and reporting contracts with large retailers, insurance brokerage firms, and telecommunication service providers who have chosen to entrust their various people data management with OCI to improve their business intelligence across HR, employee benefits, and workers’ compensation/casualty areas.

“Our core competency is our people data expertise,” said Anderson. “Our talented people and efficient services at OCI help our customers integrate disparate and siloed `people’ data and organize that data in ways to enable their understanding and improve the way they work.”

OCI is an active participant in technology-focused human resources events including the upcoming SHRM Annual Conference and the HR Technology Conference and Exhibition. Additionally, OCI is presenting at the 2012 DMEC Annual Conference and will host its own leave management and data integration webinars in the second half of this year.

About OCI – OCI is a data integration and software services provider that helps companies make better-informed decisions about their risk management, employee benefit, and human resources programs. Using secure cloud software, a flexible, customer-centric, and consultative delivery approach with deep industry experience, our solutions transform data into information and knowledge, giving our customers the power to increase administrative efficiency, reduce expenditures, and improve productivity. For more information, visit www.oci.com or call (800) 678-6613.