Employers Are Not Adequately Managing Their Liquid Workforce – According to New Study by HR.com’s Research Institute

Employers Are Not Adequately Managing Their Liquid Workforce – According to New Study by HR.com’s Research Institute

Many Human Resources (HR) professionals reveal that their organization uses some form of temporary workers or “liquid workforce,” but few manage them well. This suggests there is a great deal of room for improvement in the critical area of liquid workforce management.

Only 39% say they excel at managing part-time employees to a high or very high degree, and even fewer say they are effective in managing consultants (30%), temporary workers from staffing firms (23%), freelancers and independent contractors (22%) and volunteers (14%).

HR.com’s Research Institute conducted this exclusive study, Effectively Managing Today’s Liquid Workforce, in partnership with Sense, the leading candidate and contractor engagement platform, to gain a better understanding of the liquid workforce in today’s gig economy.

Contingent workers represent the largest subset of the liquid workforce. The most common reasons for employing contingent workers are increased flexibility (44%) and reduced costs (38%).

“The labor market is undergoing its most significant change in generations; in less than a decade, contingent workers will represent the majority of the US workforce. In preparation for this shift, it is imperative for HR leaders to acknowledge the huge gap between how full-time employees and contingent workers are managed. Understanding these discrepancies is the first step toward investing in the proper technology to provide contingent workers with work that allows them to develop professionally and perform better on the job,” said Anil Dharni, CEO and Cofounder of Sense.

For more information on the Liquid Workforce survey and to gain seven key strategic takeaways from this exclusive HR.com research, in partnership with Sense, the full research report is available for free download:

DOWNLOAD RESEARCH REPORT   https://web.hr.com/kld4d

The survey was fielded in January and February of 2019.  There were complete responses from 561 participating HR professionals representing a broad cross-section of employers.

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Sense is the leading contractor engagement platform that enables staffing agencies and recruiters to personalize their interactions with candidates and contractors at every stage of the employment cycle. Founded in 2016 by serial entrepreneurs with deep expertise in staffing and software, Sense is an enterprise-ready solution that provides a system of engagement for staffing agencies working with the rapidly-growing contingent workforce. Sense works with over 200 clients, integrates with fifteen leading ATS platforms and is working with six of the top staffing agencies in the U.S., including Adecco and Apex Systems. Sense is based in San Francisco and has raised $23.5 million to-date from GV, Accel, Khosla Ventures, and Signia Ventures.

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