Employment Screening Services provider AccuScreen Launches Online Background Check Platform Today

Tampa, FL — Today, leading employment screening service provider AccuScreen.com is implementing a streamlined user interface, designed to make the process of ordering new employee background checks more efficient. The new Global Profile Control (GPC) interface will allow AccuScreen clients access to new category selection options as well as enabling them to make changes to active employment screening service orders.

“With the new one-page global interface, clients will be able to have a more user-friendly experience. With added functionality, making it easier to add names to an order, and reducing duplicity,” explained Kevin Connell, CEO of AccuScreen.com (http://www.AccuScreen.com).

The GPC interface focusses on efficiency and ease of use. Documents uploaded to an applicant’s profile on the AccuScreen platform will be forwarded directly to AccuScreen for immediate processing, significantly reducing turnaround time. Other functionality improvements made possible by the new GPC interface include:

– International applicant address entry fields
– Free storage area under each applicant profile
– Country selection drop down list
– An order due date option
– Visible position field
– An additional name search service for the National Criminal search and OIG database

In addition to the improved GPC, the AccuScreen interface has now been optimized for multi-browser compatibility. Users of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari will all experience the same exemplary functionality.

The AccuScreen platform is capable of handling a wide range of employment screening services from verifying social security numbers, to obtaining driving records for perspective employees. The AccuScreen platform is an all-inclusive suite of services that will ensure employers receive complete and accurate pre-employment screenings. The new GPC interface serves to bolster the high quality of service clients have come to expect from AccuScreen.com.

About AccuScreen:
Since 1994, AccuScreen.com, (http://www.AccuScreen.com) has been an industry pioneer, leader and expert in employment background screening, specializing in criminal background checks. Its reports are delivered to companies across the world with turnaround times from Instant to 72 hours.

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