ENGAGE Talent to Exhibit at Hunt Scanlon's Sourcing Talent with AI Conference

ATLANTA, GA, Oct. 24, 2018 — ENGAGE Talent, an AI recruiting company whose software enables recruiters to strategically source, target and engage with passive candidates, will exhibit at the Sourcing Talent with AI conference, presented by Hunt Scanlon Media, on Wednesday, Oct. 24 at the Harvard Club in New York City.

The conference, which will explore how automated technologies are transforming the search for people, will include 250 HR leaders, AI professionals and executive recruiters, and will feature key organizations such as Microsoft, LinkedIn, Cisco, Deloitte and IBM. Participants will examine and explore how AI and other emerging technologies are already changing businesses around the world, and are about to fundamentally change how talent is identified, communicated with and hired.

ENGAGE helps companies identify and target new talent that they were not finding via traditional methods and in traditional pools. The ENGAGE AI and machine learning engine predicts the likelihood that a candidate will respond to a conversation about a potential job change, and recommends personalized messaging based on factors such as their career progression, skills, peer actions, and the news and events surrounding their company.

“AI is transforming industries and professions and especially the way we find great talent,” ENGAGE Talent CEO Joseph Hanna said. “ENGAGE is excited to present our science and our platform– including our ability to map the complex relationships between people, roles, companies, and dynamic markets in real time–at this terrific event.”

About ENGAGE Talent

ENGAGE is the world’s first AI-powered platform to combine Talent Mapping, Competitive Intelligence, Passive Candidate Sourcing, and Outbound Recruiting in one brilliant Talent Targeting and Engagement engine.

ENGAGE enables active talent acquisition professionals to efficiently source from a live stream of over 100 million passive candidates or enrich their own CRM and ATS candidates with predictive, AI-based insights.

ENGAGE continuously monitors your candidates and alerts you with predictive availability signals when a candidate is likely ready for a new opportunity.

Talent professionals who leverage ENGAGE’s predictive analytics are able to more than double their candidate engagement rates.

For more information about ENGAGE, please visit http://www.engagetalent.com.