eTeki Helps Recruiters Qualify Tech Candidates with Complimentary Resource for Knock-out Questions

Tampa, FL – Hiring teams struggle with unqualified candidates taking time away from hiring manager and IT team productivity. Recruiter frustration with an ever-changing landscape of technology creates a gap in capacity to questions appropriate for gauging the skill set and level of the person being considered for submission to the hiring manager. Recruiter screening of IT candidates for basic technical competencies (a.k.a “knock-out”) questions just got easier thanks to the eTeki’s network of Tech Interview Experts (TechIEs). 


The TechIE Network includes IT professionals who leverage their hands-on role and stack experience to lead deep-dive technical interviews of candidates, as a freelancer, for hiring teams across North America, Europe, Asia and soon to be in Africa and Australia. Now instead of passing candidates onto the hiring manager with only role eligibility factors confirmed, staffing and recruiting professionals will be able to pre-screen for technical eligibility using subject matter expert written questions available for download on eTeki’s online resource center. If they don’t see questions matching the job requirement in eTeki’s current downloads, recruiters are able to submit a new role to receive a custom set of knock-out questions.


“Recruiting teams have an honest gap in technical expertise and their technical counterparts need higher quality shortlists to assure technical debt caused by interviewing is minimized.” said Bala Nemani, eTeki CEO & Founder, a hands-on software developer turned serial entrepreneur. “Our mission is to help organizations help the right talent. Regardless if a hiring team uses eTeki’s free knockout downloads or engages our Tech Interview Experts for on-demand technical interviews, the resulting quality of hiring will increase.”

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