Evenbase Launches New Recruitment Model in US

13 November 2012 – Jobsite.com will offer employers a unique new approach to digital recruitment. It searches out jobs advertised on company websites, and delivers applicants whose skills, background and location are a strong match to the needs of the job. The employer pays no advertising charges, only a small fee if they want to contact the candidate for interview.

For the candidate, at Beta launch, Jobsite.com will offer a new site that shares jobs direct from employers (many of which aren’t advertised anywhere else) and gives them complete confidentiality until the hirer is really interested in them. A series of unique new services for candidates will be launched in the coming months.

For the employer, Jobsite.com will provide “Hot Match” applicants for job openings posted on their company website. These applicants will have the right skills, the right background, will reside in the right place, and have the right work permits for each role. Employers don’t have to pay to post jobs, they don’t have to view irrelevant resumes and they’re only charged if they like the applicant and want to contact them. It’s pretty much no effort, and no risk. This offering will be available from the moment the beta site launches.

Jobsite.com integrates a version of Jobsite.co.uk’s award-winning job board technology, a scraping engine which aggregates job postings from millions of websites, an email marketing system, an e-commerce system, and Jobtology – Evenbase’s world class semantic matching technology, all into one unique offering.

The launch of Jobsite.com is the first time the Jobsite brand has extended outside the UK. It builds on Evenbase’s growing US presence with specialist recruitment site OilCareers.com and recruiting software provider Broadbean already enjoying success in the market. Evenbase also has significant US coverage through their acquisition of Jobrapido, the 2nd biggest vertical job search engine in the world, which is seeing enormous visitor growth to its US site.

Evenbase CEO and Jobsite.co.uk Founder, Keith Potts states, “I can’t help feeling proud as Jobsite.com takes the offering my family and I launched 17 years ago into a whole new area. Evenbase was founded to meet the needs of an ever-changing online recruitment process and to revolutionize the services that are being offered to recruiters and candidates. Jobsite.com will play an important role in that.
Our ability to update and re-invent our offering is what sets us apart. We will continue to develop and offer the latest technology to assist employers and job seekers.”

Evenbase Strategy Development Director, Felix Wetzel, explains the next steps: “Our immediate priority is to make sure the beta works, fine tune it, add in new development and move from beta to the full version of Jobsite.com for both candidates and hirers. Jobsite.com provides hirers already with something completely new and different and for the candidates we’ve got some equally revolutionary services in the pipeline.”

For more information, please contact:
Rayanne Thorn
Tel: +1 949 706 8691


About Jobsite.com
Jobsite.com offers the US a unique new approach to digital recruitment. Currently being trialled in a beta version, Jobtsite.com combines job board functionality, a scraping engine, Jobtology — Evenbase’s world class semantic matching technology, an email marketing system and e-commerce functionalities all into one unique offering. At its core are the jobseeking principles of speed, relevance and confidence. Jobsite.com is part of Evenbase.

About Evenbase
Evenbase is a global digital recruitment group which includes flagship brands such as Jobrapido, Broadbean, Jobsite, and OilCareers, and technology partnerships such as NHS Jobs, Northcliffe Media and Johnston Press. Evenbase discovers and develops intelligent recruitment services that revolutionise the matching of talent with opportunity and make the recruitment process better for everyone involved. Its portfolio currently spans 55 countries, includes a network of over 60 recruitment sites and employs more than 400 people. Evenbase is part of A&N Media (www.and.co.uk), the consumer media division of DMGT plc.