Expert Opinion: HR Tech & ATS

Continuing with our expert opinion series, we contacted the leading ATS providers to know their views about how HR technology is bringing a positive change in the functionality of Applicant Tracking Systems.

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Roy Baladi

Head of Marketplace

Smart Recruiters

HR tech reached a level of specialization that was never possible before: we can now pack decades of research in psychology into behavioral assessments, big data analysis into programmatic job advertising, machine learning into candidate matching and chatbots, blockchain into background checks, and video technology into employer branding and onboarding. If you have a modern ATS like SmartRecruiters, all this progress can plug and play straight into any recruiter’s hiring process.


Nikunj Verma

Co-founder & CEO



HR Tech has improved data collection and predictive analytics in ATS, helping recruiters measure and improve their efforts backed by actionable data. New age HR Tech powered by AI also takes care of the entire candidate experience, ensuring that the candidate is engaged throughout the recruitment process without any manual intervention.

Keeping the priorities and pain points of recruiters in mind, CutShort’s ATS understands the modern recruiter’s mindset and helps increase their efficiency. The two primary components of the ATS we built at CutShort is AI Match and AI Engage. The AI Match module shows you candidates not only based on the skills, and experience relevant to full stack developers but also based on the SaaS startup context, skill competencies, previous hiring actions, and interest areas of candidates like entrepreneurial interest or leadership experience. AI Engage takes hiring automation to the next level with the help of an intelligent assistant named Voila. Voila engages with the candidates on the employers’ behalf and automates most of the short-listing process.


Alok Nidhi Gupta

Managing Director

TalentRecruit Software

Recruitment platforms have evolved over the years from basic ATS’s that tracked interview schedules to Advanced, Automated & Multi-Lingual Cloud-Based Platforms such as TalentRecruit that are driven by Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. The new technologies help to enhance the functionalities of an ATS in myriad ways such as predicting patterns in recruitment, providing detailed analytics on the efficiency of the process, reducing the bias in the assessment & hiring process and helping to provide the candidate with delightful recruitment experience.

We have found that the modern user today does not want point solutions, they want a comprehensive recruitment platform that can easily integrate with other HRMS tools. This is because HR is increasing in complexity, and there is a need for the intervention of HR Tech to do away with tasks that can be automated.

We have always strived to adopt the latest technologies available in the market onto our platform to ensure that our customers can remain ahead of their competition. As a testament to this fact, we have built Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence into our Cloud-Based Recruitment platform that empowers recruiters to find the right talent at the right time & cost. We believe that by employing these advanced new technologies our customers will be able to enhance their recruitment & onboarding process from end-to-end, and we have also incorporated features that enable users to conduct unified searches for candidates on job portals & smart email engagement with the candidate.


Vikas Kakkar




The recruitment process has been enhanced to a huge extent with technological innovations. The ATSs have outgrown their elementary functionality and are quickly evolving into an AI-based recruiting engine.


HireXP is implementing advanced technologies like AI & Machine learning to find the skills and capabilities required for a particular open role in the company and share profile suggestions with the recruiters from the passive and new pool of candidates. We are also in the process to develop a chatbot to interact with the candidates and schedule interviews without recruiter’s intervention. I think a lot of things are happening in HR tech and the future will be very exciting.


Ryan Naylor



As the founder of an ATS, I can tell you the most important vision over the next three years is creating systems which reduce friction. Any friction with the candidate experience can result in missing that perfect A-Player. HR Tech plays a vital role in how companies will compete for talent at the highest level. It’s going to be a race to which HR Tech can deliver the most frictionless experience.


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