Fellow Status Earned

Pittsburgh, 1.22.13 – Matthew O’Connell, Ph.D., Executive Vice President and co-founder at Select International, has just received Fellow status within SIOP (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology). This prestigious honor is in recognition of outstanding accomplishments in the field and awarded to only a few select recipients.

Fellow status is an honor given to SIOP Members (and international affiliates) that have shown evidence of unusual and outstanding contributions or performance in I-O psychology — through research, practice, teaching, administration and/or professional service.

The contributions of nominees for Fellow are evaluated in terms of impact on I-O Psychology and its advancement, and their contribution to the Mission of the Society, in these key areas:

-Science Driven Results — dedicated to the scientific method and a foundation in psychology as the basis for the practice, education, and research of I-O psychology.
-Service — dedicated to improving the effectiveness of organizations and the well-being of individuals in work settings.
-Excellence — dedicated to excellence in all that our members do, including practice, research and education.
-Integrity — dedicated to honesty, integrity, and the pursuit of the highest ethical standards.
-Community — dedicated to achieving and maintaining a cohesive professional, collegial, and inclusive community through high levels of member involvement.

“Earning Fellow status is a true honor,” O’Connell said. “I’m very humbled and very proud to be recognized by SIOP. This is a direct reflection of the work that we’ve accomplished at Select International over the years.”

About Select International
Select International develops employee assessments and hiring systems to help organizations identify, select and develop a strong, productive workforce. The company’s employee selection and development solutions include pre employment assessments, executive assessment, online interview training, manufacturing assessment tests, healthcare hiring assessments, customer service assessment tests, and tools to help organizations hire safe workers. Select International works closely with its clients to improve hiring at all levels, and across all industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, customer service, energy, retail, transportation and logistics, and distribution.

Select International is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, and maintains offices throughout North America and around the globe. For more information on Select International, call 1-800-786-8595 or visit http://www.selectinternational.com.