Few Organizations Have a Workforce Capable of Meeting 2020 Business Goals

Just 11 percent of organizations have made significant progress towards building a workforce capable of meeting their 2020 business goals, according to a new research report released by HR.com in partnership with Pandexio.

The complimentary research report, “Workforce 2020: Building Today’s Talent to Meet Tomorrow’s Needs”, is now available for download. Based on responses from 880 HR professionals participating in an HR.com survey fielded in August and September 2017, the research covered a range of topics:
– Level of preparation of workforces to meet future business goals
– Significant barriers to achievement in building a 2020 workforce
– New organizational structures required for the future of work
– How structural changes are creating the need for greater employee expertise
– A glimpse into the competencies required for success as experts
– The role smart technologies will play in enhancing workforces in the near future
– The organizational and HR systems that must be in place to accelerate preparation of the 2020 workforce

The research indicates that the “era of the expert” is beginning with two factors being especially critical: the expertise of employees and the use of technologies that enable them to do their jobs better.

“Experts wielding smart technologies will be the key to success for many organizations in the near future,” said Debbie McGrath, Chief Instigator and CEO of HR.com. “Leveraging that expertise will also be critical. Employees not only need to share information but curate their expert insights in order to maximize team productivity.”

In fact, the study shows that about four-fifths of study participants said employees will need to share and curate key insights–as opposed to just share and curate content–to a greater extent than they do today.

Top financial performers were considerably more likely to say they had made significant progress in preparing their employees for the near future. Those organizations in the top 15 percent of financial performers were 55 percent more likely than average to report significant progress toward their 2020 goals.

Downloads are available for the complimentary research report or innovative infographic with key research insights. Both contain informative key takeaways to help organizations be prepared to meet the challenges of the near future.

DOWNLOAD REPORT: “Workforce 2020: Building Today’s Talent to Meet Tomorrow’s Needs”

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