Five Critical Factors for a Successful HR Shared Services Center Examined in New Article from Dovetail Software

AUSTIN, Texas—June 21, 2012—HR Shared Services Centers (HR SSC) deliver substantial benefits to organizations, including reduced costs, increased efficiencies and the ability for HR to focus on strategic initiatives rather than administrative tasks, but HR SSCs can quickly turn costly, inefficient and ineffective if not implemented correctly. A new article by Dovetail Software offers five keen insights into the most crucial actions companies must take to ensure the successful launch and ongoing management of an HR SSC and to reap its considerable benefits.

Download your complimentary copy of the article, “Five Tenets of a Successful HR Shared Services Center Implementation,” to learn about these five often-overlooked factors for success.

The five critical factors address the use of key performance indicators; service delivery processes; the need to redefine roles, responsibilities and performance goals; HR staff training; and putting the right technologies in place.

“Research has shown that a typical 10,000-employee company can generate more than 200,000 employee requests every year,” said Dwane Lay, Head of HR Process Design for Dovetail Software. “Clearly, HR Shared Services Centers need to operate at peak efficiency to handle that kind of demand and to deliver a strong value proposition to the organization. The key is getting the implementation right.”

Case in point, the article advises organizations to implement technology that enables them to effectively manage employee requests through service delivery automation. Organizations need a reliable system that delivers employee self-service, a knowledge base for capturing solutions that can be searched by Tier One advisors and employees through the employee self-service portal, and a central, easily accessible repository of employee interactions with HR. These outcomes can only be achieved through the use of robust HR case management software—an imperative for an effective HR SSC.

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