Free Webinar for Tech Recruiters Tired of Being Faked Out by Candidates

June 25, 2020 – eTeki’s proud to present the webinar “How to Reduce Unqualified Profiles in Your Shortlist” for tech recruiters. The virtual learning session, conducted by industry veteran Sam Velu, will provide talent acquisition and staffing professionals with tips and tricks for how to maximize the phone screen to

  • weed out fake resumes versus real professionals with potential,
  • reclaim your time and sanity screening the best candidates, and
  • organize your techniques & tools to improve productivity.

The stats on resume lies, embellishments, fakes are astounding. Recruiting for IT roles is not easy to begin with and the amount of fraud can make it difficult for recruiting to present only the best professionals to the hiring manager.

  • found 85% of recruiters say candidates exaggerate skills candidates
  • Risk Advisory Group analyzed 5,000 resumes and found 80% to have discrepancies.
  • surveyed HR managers and learned 75% have actually caught candidates lying.
  • Statistic Brain Research Institute uncovered 50% of jobseekers in their study admitted to falsifying their resumes.

Interested participants should register online for the event being held on Tuesday, June 30th from 12pm to 1pm ET.

About the Speaker:

Sam Velu has over 20+ years’ experience in staffing and solutions delivery of human capital for various domains, as well as technical recruiting training. Sam is passionate about people analytics and finds joy in helping companies optimize delivery leveraging metrics and social data resulting in high yielding recruitment results. Mr. Velu’s recruiting teams have been repeatedly recognized nationally for recruiting excellence. Sam’s prior contributions to the industry include serving on the TechServe Alliance Taskforce on IT & Engineering Talent Shortage and speaking at numerous industry conferences.

About eTeki:

eTeki, an on-demand technical interviewing platform, addresses the challenges of technical screening and IT talent acquisition. If you need to screen large numbers of technical talent quickly or you lack access to technical experts in-house, we can help. Our services include Video Communicator, a technical video interviewing platform, an Interviews-as-a-Service platform powered by a network of almost 4,000 trained and certified IT specialists across technologies offering services to assess each candidate’s technical skills in real time, and a Resource Center with blogs, podcasts, ebooks, and recorded webinars for technical hiring teams. Our mission is to help every organization, big or small, hire top notch technical talent. Checkout us out online at