Free Webinar: Going Global in 2013 – Seeking Efficiency and Innovation

Hosted by the International Association for Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM), the world’s leading clearinghouse for the HRIM (Human Resource Information Management) industry.

(Free Webinar) Going Global in 2013 – Seeking Efficiency and Innovation: The waves of globalization continue to roll. With the prolonged economic slowdown over the past years in North America and Europe, organizations continue to struggle with the age-old paradox: do more with less. This means seeking efficiencies through lower costs and increased productivity, while simultaneously pursuing opportunities that promise new and better ways of getting work done. Managing these two seemingly paradoxical forces – driving efficiency and pursuing innovation – are at the foundation of Jeitosa’s Going Global research.

Join us to learn the five factors identified by Jeitosa that help organizations in their drive for efficiency and five that support them in their pursuit of innovation. You’ll see how you compare to your industry peers and hear how you can “move the needle” in achieving higher levels of both efficiency and innovation within your organization.

Karen Beaman, HRIP, Chief Executive Officer and Global Strategic Advisor, Jeitosa Group International.

June 19, 2013 (12 p.m. — 1 p.m. EDT)

This education program has been approved for 1 HRIP Recertification Credit Hour. For more information about IHRIM’s webinars, visit

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