FurstPerson Wins SQM's Vendor First Call Resolution Best Practices Award

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FurstPerson Wins SQM’s Vendor First Call Resolution Best Practices Award

CHICAGO, IL – (June 4, 2015) FurstPerson, an international hiring assessment and talent acquisition solutions provider, is pleased to announce it has been awarded the Vendor First Call Resolution (FCR) Best Practices Award. The award is given by Service Quality Management (SQM), a leading North American customer survey research firm for benchmarking and tracking voice of the customer (VoC), first call resolution (FCR) and customer satisfaction (CSAT) call center performance. FurstPerson is one of seven winners for the Best Practices Award, and was recognized in the CSR Hiring Process category. The award was presented at SQM’s annual conference from June 2-4 2015, in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

The award recognizes FurstPerson’s ongoing innovation in developing and delivering pre-hire assessment solutions that drive FCR and CSAT outcomes for contact center organizations. SQM selected FurstPerson’s entry showcasing results from a telecommunications company.

FurstPerson’s customer desired a consistent pre-hire assessment process for both internal contact centers and outsourced contact centers. Using a six-step process to create a hiring system for the customer, FurstPerson was able to identify the specific issues the customer was facing in their three areas for improvement: hiring consistency, new hire retention, and quality of new hires. A key metric driving quality of hire was FCR. FurstPerson found that new hires that successfully passed the pre-hire process had 33% improvement in FCR performance. In addition, 0 to 60 day turnover was reduced by 84%.

“FurstPerson is very proud to be honored by SQM Group for our success building hiring profiles that predict first call resolution performance,” said Jeff Furst, President and CEO of FurstPerson. “By implementing our pre-hire solutions, contact centers are able to select new employees that deliver better first call resolution performance.

“Our data-driven analytics approach, combined with industry-leading assessment content and our hiring experts, allows us to consistently help organizations achieve better business outcomes by defining job success and then identifying candidates that are the right fit.”

About FurstPerson
FurstPerson, the market leader in data-driven talent solutions for hiring employees of the service economy, is transforming how companies measure, hire, and develop frontline talent. FurstPerson designs custom hiring and development solutions that measure each person holistically by drawing on a suite of award-winning assessments, realistic job auditions, and behavioral interviews. A pioneer in workforce analytics, FurstPerson creates transparency through online analytics’ dashboards that allow every customer to understand how well their solution is performing each day. The cumulative impact of FurstPerson’s people, processes, and products is reflected in FurstPerson’s customers’ year-over-year improvements in service levels, support resolution, and sales growth. More information can be found at www.furstperson.com.

About SQM
SQM benchmarks over 450 leading North American call centers on an annual basis and has been conducting first call resolution (FCR), employee satisfaction (ESAT) and customer satisfaction (CSAT) benchmarking studies since 1996. On an annual basis, SQM conducts over 1 million surveys with customers who have called a call center. SQM also conducts over 25,000 surveys annually with employees who work in call centers. Based on our call center benchmarking studies, SQM awards excellence in FCR, customer and employee satisfaction for the call center industry. SQM awards are unique in the industry as they are based on customers who have used a call center and/or employees who work in a call center. More information can be found at www.sqmgroup.com