Gamification Guru Mario Herger and 1-Page's CRO Karthik Manimozhi, together to revolutionize Talent Engagement through Gamification.

On October 16th, 11 am (PST) on Jessica Miller-Merrell, from Blogging4Jobs, Herger and Manimozhi will present the webinar “5 Strategies to Improve Talent Engagement through Gamification”, for HR Professionals and Business leaders with interest in Talent Engagement and Idea Sourcing as an invaluable business competitive advantage.

Former Senior Innovation Strategist at SAP Labs in Palo Alto, Mario Herger has been also Global Head of the Gamification Initiative at SAP and founder and partner of Enterprise-Gamification. He is ranked in the top 5 at the “Leaderboarded Gamification Gurus”. In his work as head of the Gamification Initiative at SAP he encountered and supported gamification efforts in the enterprise for multiple levels and departments, like Sustainability, On Demand, Mobile, HR, Training & Education, and Banking. Mario will guide the audience in the world of Gamification when applied to business practices, sharing real world examples and HR-related case studies.

Herger says, “When studies show that over 70% of employees is not engaged at work and everything else has failed, businesses need to look at industries that successfully manage to engage their users. One of them is the game industry, and this is why Gamification is such a crucial concept for making work more engaging and fun.”

Herger also highlights the role of Gamification in providing powerful data on employees’ skills: “Games have more accurate and timely data on the skills of a player than HR-departments of billion dollar companies have on their employees. Applying Gamification throughout a company will not only engage employees more; companies will have for the first time in history great data about the skills of their employees.”

Karthik Manimozhi, 1-Page’s Chief Revenue Officer – former Head of Channel Development at SAP – will then shed light on the role of game design elements to engage talent, sharing 5 major strategies to identify, motivate, and retain the most talented workforce. “This is a great opportunity for Business leaders and HR Professionals to learn how to leverage on Gamification to enhance the human element in the hiring process. Attracting, motivating and retaining the most talented workforce, this is how company will be able to innovate and stay competitive – especially with Millennials, the gaming generation, becoming the 40% of total workforce by 2020.”

Many companies are in fact using Gamification to challenge employees or engage candidates in different ways: Marriot’s Virtual Kitchen, L’Oreal’s REVEAL, and IBM’s Liquid Challenge, are just few examples. In this new field of play, Gamification appears to be not just a trend, but a real source of new ideas, tools and practices to interact with customers, users, employees, and also candidates, engaging them like never before to source innovation and generate growth.

“At 1-Page, we bring Gamification into the Talent Acquisition and Idea Management space, supporting Enterprise customers to leverage on Human Capital engagement & empowerment to select the most talented and boost innovation,” states Manimozhi.

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