Getting America Back to Work Updated Corporate Mission

With over 4 million + jobs already lost and another 11 million + in jeopardy of being lost it’s time to move fast and decisively. We are in full action assisting displaced workers find new career opportunities with our 3 Phase 40 point action plan fully assisted by a Career Coach. The action plan consists of a massive amount of resources to help people get their basic needs met, prepare for a job search and job hunting strategies combined with job opportunities. Additionally we have set up a Peer to Peer Facebook group that will be lead by our career coaches to share ideas and network for new opportunities. That group can be found here:

For companies and those interested in assisting their workforce find new opportunities the whole plan is explained in this recorded video:

You can learn more about what we are doing at

Contact person is Fletcher Wimbush

Phone: 714-582-2730