Global Survey on Workplace Trust is Now Underway Thru June 20, 2014 Interaction Associates Launches Annual Workplace Trust Research

Boston, MA – 6-4-2014. The annual global survey by Interaction Associates exploring the relationship between workplace trust and business results – Building Trust 2014 – is now underway online through June 20, 2014.

Now in its sixth year, Building Trust explores the impact on performance of trust, leadership, and collaboration – and specifically looks at where trust on the job breaks down; what successful leaders do to build trust; and how top performing companies drive strong business results by building trust and deepening workplace collaboration. Interaction Associates, a global 44-year innovator known for developing leadership expertise and building collaborative corporate cultures, has been studying and reporting workplace trust trends for years – because trust levels tend to affect an organization’s bottom line.

Interaction Associates has partnered with the respected research firm IDG for the 2014 survey, which is open to anyone in business interested in exploring questions around trust in their organization. To access the survey, please visit this link.

“We expect to report some intriguing results around Building Trust this year, including information about gender issues, generational differences, virtual work, and how different countries compare,” said Linda Stewart, CEO of Interaction Associates. “And, as in past years, we’ll release complete results and a set of tools for building trust on the job,” Stewart added.

Respondents who complete the confidential survey will each receive a copy of the final research report, as well as additional reports across various important themes that emerge in the 2014 findings.

For more information on Building Trust, including details on past years findings, please see:

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