Global Talent Day Encourages Self-Discovery and Celebration of Individual Talents

(Lincoln, Nebr.) – Global Talent Day recognizes each individual has talents to be discovered and understood. The opportunity to identify one’s talents allows for an individual to pursue those talents and feel significant and create that feeling of significance for others.

Dr. William E. Hall, a grandfather of positive psychology and co-founder of Talent Plus believed everyone should be afforded the opportunity to know what they are good at and understand the opportunities those talents afford. Global Talent Day carries on the legacy of Dr. Hall and his work by celebrating what is right about others.

“Global Talent Day encourages individuals to discover his or her talents and feel significant,” said Talent Plus President and Co-Founder, Kimberly Rath. “When individuals feel significant, it changes things – families get better, organizations get better and a better experience is offered to patients, customers and guests.”

Friday November 1st and Global Talent Day are just the beginning of a month-long celebration of what is right about others. In conjunction with Talent Plus’ 30-year anniversary, Global Talent Day is adding a focus for the month of November around gratitude for one’s own talents and that of others. Each week of November will highlight specific talent identification and recognition:

– Week of November 4: Appreciation of your own talent.
– Week of November 11: Appreciation of the talent of your team.
– Week of November 18: Appreciation of the talent in your community.
– Week of November 25: Appreciation of the talent of people in your family and friend group as you celebrate Thanksgiving.

Talent Plus will support individuals and organizations wishing to participate in Global Talent Day by providing a kit that includes stickers, resources and more. To request a Global Talent Day kit for the month of November visit or call 1.800.VARSITY.

Talent Plus is the premier name in talent discovery and development. For 30 years, Talent Plus has relied on science, research and analytics to study talent. We put our science know-how to work for our client partners with state-of-the-art technology, validated selection assessments and proven development plans to build and sustain high-performing, fully-engaged cultures. Results include growth in customer satisfaction, increased productivity, reduction in turnover, strengthened employee engagement, sustained excellence and improved profitability. We help people and organizations identify talent and transform lives with tailored development plans to actualize their potential. Talent Plus is headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, with offices in Houston and Singapore. For more information visit [ ]or call +1.800.VARSITY.

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