Google: Employment Background Checks Demystified

TAMPA, FL — On February 23, 2011 at 2:00pm EST, two experts will cohost a complimentary webinar on the importance of using a background check service to ensure effective employment screening.

CEO of Kevin Connell will cohost with Mike Sankey, CEO of BRB Publications, Inc. (, the nation’s premier publisher of source books and Web pages for locating public records. They will discuss common misperceptions and myths regarding public records, and how they pertain to employment screening services. They will teach you how to obtain and utilize criminal record and background information on job applicants.

“All too often, hiring managers will try to use “free” information located on Google to vet a new hire,” said Connell. “Whether the intent is to save time or money, even though your own time is money (Opportunity cost); not using the proper employment screening protocol may results in a mis-hire. The average cost of a mis-hire or turnover is up to 21 times the applicants’ annual salary.”

Webinar will reveal:

• Criminal records what can you really get online?

• What are the best practices of obtaining and utilizing criminal records?

• Debunking the myth of Google, Does it search everything or just the shallow web?

• Who is policing the Internet for accurate information?

• What are the best search practices with out compromising accuracy?

• Cheap criminal background check databases are they worth it?

“I am fully confident that attendees of the webinar will be well equipped to implement strategies to hire great employees and not walking lawsuits,” said Connell.

To register for this webinar, “Google: Employment Background Checks Demystified.” visit: The webinar hosts will provide free advice on how to compile accurate background information using employment screening services.

About Kevin G. Connell
Kevin G. Connell ( is a renowned professional background screening expert; he is recognized for his expertise on employment background screening, criminal record checks, workplace fraud, embezzlement, employee theft, resume fraud and negligent hiring in the workplace. He is widely quoted and has been featured on television, including ABC-TV “Money Matters” and the Fox News Channel, and has been interviewed on more than 126 live talk radio programs.

About Mike Sankey and BRB Publications, Inc.
Michael Sankey is the founder and CEO of BRB Publications, Inc. and is the Director of the Public Record Retriever Network (PRRN). Michael has more than 25 years of experience involving public record research and record access. He has authored or edited over 75 publications.

Michael was part of the Steering Committee that founded the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). He was also elected to the first NAPBS Board of Directors in 2004 and served two years.

He is regarding as a leading industry expert in public records, criminal record access, state motor vehicle record policies and procedures, as well as knowing who’s who in the commercial arena of public information vendors.

Michael resides in Tempe, AZ with wife and two children. He can be reached at e-mail protected from spam bots. Web pages include and

About AccuScreen:
Since 1994, ( has been an industry pioneer, leader and expert in employment background services. AccuScreen’s background screening specialists provide criminal background check services, can run a credit check, verify professional credentials, verify educational claims, and perform other essential pre-employment screening services. AccuScreen reports are delivered to companies across the world in 2-72 hours.

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