GreenJobInterview Introduces Mobile App for Live, Virtual Interviews

COSTA MESA, CA, March 27, 2012 — GreenJobInterview, the pioneer in live virtual job interviewing, introduces a new mobile application that now enables companies and candidates to conduct virtual, in-person interviews from literally anywhere their iPhones, iPads and Android devices take them. The GreenJobInterview app is designed to facilitate two-way, real-time interviewing in extreme situations when access to a computer is not readily available.

“In a fast-paced, global hiring market, we recognize that circumstances don’t always allow the ideal interview setting where both the candidate and the hiring professional or team is comfortably seated at their computers,” says Greg Rokos, president of GreenJobInterview. “Our new mobile app bridges that situational barrier, offering all parties increased flexibility and giving candidates what our research tells us they are clamoring for—the opportunity for live, face-to-face interaction.”

GreenJobInterview (Booth No.: 212) will be demonstrating its new mobile interviewing technology during the Spring ERE Expo in San Diego, CA, March 28 —March 30.

The GreenJobInterview mobile app offers the same suite of cost- and time-saving benefits afforded by the company’s original, award-winning live virtual interview solution including:

• a platform to conduct live virtual interviews anywhere in the world;
• an improved candidate experience;
• an increased candidate pool;
• advanced employment branding;
• secure and easy-to-use technology and concierge-level support services;
• reduced time-to-hire; and
• reduced environmental impact.

While the GreenJobInterview mobile app enables live interviewing on the go, Rokos advises candidates to take the necessary steps to ensure the experience is as positive and professional as possible.

“Mobility should not diminish the impression the candidate is trying to make,” says Rokos. “Ideally, one should find a quiet spot without interruptions to conduct the interview and stabilize the mobile device in some form of cradle or stand to reduce movement.”

Candidates selected for interviews simply download the GreenJobInterview app via an email invitation from the hiring organization. At the scheduled interview time, candidates can communicate with their potential employers via their devices’ built-in cameras and microphones.

The GreenJobInterview mobile interviewing app can be downloaded via the appropriate mobile device app store.

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