GreenJobInterview(R) Sizzles as New Sponsor of 'Top Recruiter'

COSTA MESA, CA | May 14, 2013–GreenJobInterview(R), pioneering provider of cloud-based virtual interviewing solutions, announced today it is a sponsor of “Top Recruiter – Season 2,” a web-based reality show that brings together the world’s most talented recruiters in a head-to-head competition for the title of Top Recruiter. GreenJobInterview is not just a sponsor of the show, as its executives also will participate and showcase the company’s virtual interviewing technology during one of the show’s weekly challenges.

In true reality-show style, GreenJobInterview co-founders and brothers, Greg and Theo Rokos will present the “Top Recruiter” contestants with a virtual interviewing challenge. During the challenge, the contestants will experience first-hand the virtual interviewing solutions from GreenJobInterview and will be judged on their success while using these solutions. In addition, the Rokos brothers will offer valuable tips and information to viewers and job seekers about how to achieve the most out of a virtual interviewing experience. For example, getting comfortable speaking to a hiring manager through a webcam; tips on what clothing presents well on camera; and how to best convey confidence and enthusiasm via a recorded or live virtual interview.

GreenJobInterview helps companies improve their hiring and recruiting efforts locally, nationally and globally, which aligns perfectly with the audience that “Top Recruiter” attracts.

“We look forward to sharing our more than 20 years of recruiting and hiring experience with the ‘Top Recruiter’ contestants,” said Greg Rokos, president of GreenJobInterview. “This challenge will provide an opportunity for these contestants to experience the ease and efficiency of virtual interviewing technology and potentially implement
such solutions in their own talent acquisition efforts as top recruiters.”

Top Recruiter Creator and Executive Producer Chris Lavoie agrees, saying, “Having GreenJobInterview as a sponsor and leading one of our ‘Top Recruiter’ challenges is an exciting way for our contestants and viewers to learn how they can embrace this kind of powerful technology and consider it for their own company recruiting needs.”

Top Recruiter, set in Miami, Fla. debuted in 2012. It attracted 2.2 million views, sparking more than 4,100 audition tapes from recruiters around the world wanting to compete for the coveted title of Top Recruiter. Viewers can tune into [] to watch GreenJobInterview’s contestant challenge in the fall.

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