HALO Recognition Announces Recognition Wall Album Enhancement and New eBook

Long Island City, NY (June 18, 2018) – HALO Recognition, the leading provider of employee recognition, rewards and incentives, announced its new Recognition Wall Album today at the 2018 Society of Human Resource Professional (SHRM) Conference in Chicago, IL taking place June 17-20.

Recognition Wall Album is a compilation of the personalized messages from coworkers that get posted on the recipient’s Recognition Wall, extending their social recognition experience. After an employee celebrates their service anniversary, the posts are printed and bound in a keepsake album and then shipped to their door to commemorate the event.

“We’re always looking to give organizations new avenues to build strong relationships with their employees,” said Cord Himelstein, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for HALO Recognition. “The Recognition Wall Album is a tangible, meaningful keepsake that can add to the personal experience of service anniversary celebrations while providing an extra layer of engagement.”

In addition to the new Recognition Wall Album enhancement, HALO’s Recognition Wall was also upgraded with several other new features, including a new eCard gallery along with the ability to personalize Recognition Wall posts with images and videos.

Also announced today was HALO Recognition’s new eBook, Quick Guide to Consolidating Employee Recognition, a helpful starter guide for organizations looking to consolidate disparate recognition programs or make sweeping program changes.

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About HALO Recognition
HALO Recognition, based in Long Island City, New York, is the most comprehensive employee recognition provider in the market. Today, HALO Recognition helps global companies of all sizes reward, recognize and inspire their employees to do great things with scalable recognition and incentive programs designed for modern workforces. For more, visit www.halorecognition.com.