Haskayne School of Business Optimizes Mentoring Program with Insala’s Mentoring Software

Online mentoring solution cuts administration time by 50%, while increasing program growth by 50%

Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX – August 31, 2010 – Insala, the global leader in career transition and talent management solutions, announces the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business successful deployment of Insala’s mentoring software solution resulting in ease and efficiency of program administration while allowing for program growth.

“With Insala’s mentoring solution, I can now track student communication and activities and more efficiently administer the entire program,” says Melissa Lackey, Programs and Marketing Coordinator at the school. “We’ve been able to grow the program by 50% while cutting administration time by 50%. Some manual processes are now automated, saving time, effort and freeing up time for other tasks.”

The ten year old mentoring program capped out at 120 pairs, was tracked on an excel spreadsheet and had a manual matching and pairing process. Lackey knew an online solution of some form was in order. Realizing simplification and efficiency in administration were her top priorities her search found her at a NACE and Deloitte webinar on mentoring, at which a representative of Insala was a subject matter expert. After a series of investigatory meetings and consultations, Insala was chosen as the online mentoring solutions provider leading to a successful implementation and positive results.

“It was clear that Insala believed mentoring mattered, had a mentoring process and methodology with capabilities to match pairs with working algorithms narrowing pairs leading to better quality matches.”

A burgeoning list of benefits emerged, including shortening of the registration process. As a result of bringing the mentoring program online, Lackey has been able to process more applications more quickly, registration and application review are quicker, pushing up deadlines and acceptance by two months.

“What’s more, Insala was responsive to the usability issues and provided upgrades. They customize to suit the needs of academia with mentors dispersed among many organizations rather than the usual internal corporate model,” says Lackey.

Lackey found that Insala’s online mentoring solution pairs more people quickly, speeds up matching process, allows students and mentors to connect through different medium other than phone and personal interviews and allows mentors to view resumes. As for future goals of the program, Lackey is looking to increase participation of the program by another 25% by 2012.

For more information about Insala’s mentoring solutions please go to http://www.mentoringtalent.com or http://www.insala.com.

About Insala

Insala is a leading global provider of Web-based software for organizations implementing talent management initiatives. Insala solutions power people and the organizations that employ them. Insala mentoring solutions includes mentoring program implementation for corporations and educational institutions, mentoring consulting services and mentoring software. Please visit us at http://www.mentoringtalent.com or http://www.insala.com/ for more information.

About Haskayne School of Business

The Haskayne School of Business is an innovative business school with an international reputation for influencing the practice of management and leadership through quality teaching and research. With more than 3,000 students enrolled in bachelor\’s, master\’s, PhD and executive education programs, the school boasts 16,000 alumni in 60 countries. For more information, visit http://www.haskayne.ucalgary.ca/ .

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