Healthcare Organizations Dramatically Reduce New Hire Turnover by Using Selection Assessments to Acquire and Develop Talent

WACO, TX; February 2, 2012 – Bersin & Associates released a research report titled: Selection Assessments for Acquiring and Developing Talent in the Healthcare Industry. Authored by Kim Lamoureux, Principal Analyst at Bersin, the report outlines the current situation of the global healthcare industry and the many people-challenges faced by hiring managers in these organizations.

One in every eleven U.S residents is employed in the healthcare industry, however approximately one in every seven new hires in the industry leaves his/her job within the first twelve months. Employment in the U.S. is plentiful, having one of the largest medical and healthcare industries in the world. However, the business environment can be quite a complex one, facing regular challenges with government regulations, specialized billing and nurse shortages. Care is the backbone for successful employees in this industry and even with an abundance of eligible job candidates, HR professionals are conflicted when identifying job candidates that are best suited for a position. According to Bersin’s recent ‘Talent Acquisition Factbook,’ Healthcare is ranked one of the lowest in industries regarding talent management strategies.

Bersin’s research report provides proven statistics that the use of selection assessments in the hiring process is highly beneficial for hiring managers.  One of the main reasons that new hires fail is because many companies are not focused on recognizing the qualities that are key for successful job fit.  Assessments provide the extra information that is not derived from traditional résumés, interviews and background checks. Profiles International has a comprehensive suite of employee assessment solutions that are science based instruments to support any selection process, training and development.  These assessments measure predefined skills, behavioral traits and interests, and aid hiring managers with a scientific base for ascertaining job and culture fit.Mountain States Health Alliance (MHSA), a healthcare system located in Tennessee, recently implemented Profiles International assessments in their recruiting process.  Within twelve months of using the solutions, turnover rate among new hires decreased by 50%; which led to a dramatic increase in savings in recruiting and onboarding costs.

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