High-Profile Benefits.com® Trademark and Web Domains Available for Purchase

Benefits.com(R) branding assets will bring their new owner instant recognition in the emerging world of defined contribution healthcare and employee benefits.

BRECKENRIDGE, CO, March 14, 2013–A suite of the nation’s most powerful benefits-related branding assets is now available for sale or licensure, including a related federally registered trademark and four web domains. The trademark is benefits.com(R), a particularly valuable piece of intellectual property for an aggressive organization that wants to dominate the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare and employee benefits. And the web domains are http://www.benefits.com, http://www.benefits.info, http://www.benefits.co, and http://www.benefits.us.com.

Speaking of their marketplace value, the assets’ current owner, Chris John, notes, “As in other industries where seismic change has occurred, buyers of benefits will be drawn to channels they perceive to be neutral and credible–what some have called ‘trusted advisor’ channels. The most powerful channels will be branded with names that resonate with consumers like Hotels.com in travel, WebMD in online healthcare, and esurance.com in online insurance sales. For an organization looking to dominate the employee benefits, healthcare and health insurance industries, an instantly recognizable brand such as benefits.com will be invaluable.”

Industry veteran and Employease founder John Nail, who represents the seller, notes, “Single name domains, like benefits.com, are rare enough but one that’s federally trademarked represents a unique opportunity for the purchaser. The benefits.com domain will make it supremely easy for literally millions of customers and prospective customers to find the purchaser online. It’s a powerful set of assets with a truly easy-to-remember destination.”

“As many as 30 million new healthcare buyers are expected to hit the market this fall,” adds Chris John. “And tens of millions more will soon be using private exchanges. This means visibility will be more important than ever. The benefits.com domain will make it simple for buyers to find the new owner, learn about its products and services, and make their purchases.”

The sale of the benefits.com assets will take place as a private transaction, and interested parties should contact John Nail at jnail@theindustryradar.com or (404) 310-3072.

For more information on purchasing or licensing the benefits.com assets, visit http://www.benefits.com.


John Nail
(404) 310-3072